1 A patient states that she has heard that the origin of mo.

1 A patient states that she has heard that the origin of mo… Show more NEED ASSISTANCE ASAP FOR MY QUIZE.THANKS 1 A patient states that she has heard that the origin of most cancers is “genetic.” What is the best response? Select one: a. Cancers arise in cells that have alterations in the genes.” b. “The development of most cancers is predetermined and not affected by environmental factors.” c. Cancer is more common among males than females. d. The majority of cancers are inherited. 2- Which normal cell characteristic is represented by the production of insulin in the beta cells of the pancreas? Select one: a. Tight regulation of cell division b. Conservation of energy c. Ability to undergo apoptosis on schedule d. Performance of a differentiated function 3- What is the genetic contribution to the development of the most common forms of atherosclerosis? Select one: a. Variation in a variety of genes each exerting a small effect b. Genetic predisposition expressed after exposure to a viral trigger c. Disordered mitochondrial function reducing energy production d. Single gene mutation following autosomal dominant inheritance 4-How do genetic/genomic issues influence individual variation of the response to a specific drug? Select one: a. Single gene disorders that reduce the function of the kidneys or the liver b. Age-related loss of alleles within the cells lining the intestinal tract c. Polymorphisms of genes encoding metabolizing enzymes d. Genetic-based behavior problems that promote poor adherence to prescribed drug regimens 5- What would be the expected response to a skin injury if the involved tissue had lost the normal cell characteristic of contact inhibition? Select one: a. Replacement with scar tissue rather than skin b. Failure of the wound to close c. Displacement of skin cells into other body tissues d. Excessive growth of replacement tissue • Show less

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