A) Field experim… Show more Evaluate the following stateme

A) Field experim… Show more Evaluate the following statements, are they True or False? No explanations Required A) Field experiments involve the comparison of randomly selected experimental and control groups and are used to determine whether a causal relationship exists between an independent and a dependent variable. B) When we say an experiment was poorly designed because its results can be used to support two competing hypotheses, we are critiquing the experiment s ability to be replicated C) The Big Bang theory is cited in the text as a good hypothesis because of its power to predict expansion of the universe. D) Although observation represents an important information-gathering step in the scientific method, alone it cannot confirm a hypothesis because the observations may be incomplete or biased. E) The experimenter in a sleep study does not know which pill is the true sleeping pill and which is the placebo; neither do the insomniac subjects. This would be referred to as a “blind study”? • Show less

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