and… Show more Bankrupt American Airlines has approved mer

and… Show more Bankrupt American Airlines has approved merger with US Airways. The new company, with 950 planes and 94,000 employees, would be based in Fort Worth. Airline consolidation may sound ominous to consumers who have benefited from competitive airfares, but now expect the prices to increase. Other Airlines, like Southwest and JetBlue are likely to show particular interest in grabbing more passengers at some of the nation’s airports. how does this story fit into the circular flow model? identify as elements of the model: american, us airways, 950 planes, 94000 employees, filters and flights, airfares, southwest, jetblue. draw the circular flow diagram. identify and position all types of agents, factors, goods,marsetsand prices. if one airline buys another from its shareholders, does that mean that the firm doesn’t owe any more capital to households? explain briefly. • Show less

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