(Releva… Show more Evaluate the following hypotheses using

(Releva… Show more Evaluate the following hypotheses using the five criteria for a good scientific explanation. (Relevance, Consistency, Simplicity, Falsifiability, and Predictive Power.) – No Explanation Needed A) Having a pet cat or a dog decreases a person’s chance of getting cancer. B) Consumers who shop at shopping malls are more likely to prefer name brands over generic products than consumers who frequent stand alone businesses. C) In the century before the coming of a moral era a fire will erupt into the sky, bringing destruction on the land of evil doers. D) God is responsible for the earthquake in Haiti in 2010. E) Regular use of Facebook harms academic performance. F) The avian flu is transmitted to humans through eating the flesh of an affected bird. G) The increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is contributing to an increase in pollen-related allergies in people. • Show less

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