11-Which action reflects promotion of genomic care as part o

11-Which action reflects promotion of genomic care as part of comprehensive health c… Show more NEED HELP ASASP 11-Which action reflects promotion of genomic care as part of comprehensive health care? Select one: a. Instructing patients who undergo genetic testing about their obligation to inform family members regarding test results b. Encouraging all people to undergo genetic testing as part of a proactive health screening and prevention program c. Calculating the odds ratios and recurrence risks of common complex health problems for all people d. Ensuring that genomic issues potentially influencing a person’s health are incorporated into routine care 12-Under which condition(s) would genetic testing for predisposition to an inherited disorder in a minor child be considered reasonable? Select one: a. When penetrance is high and the expected onset is middle adulthood b. When the family pedigree indicates an autosomal dominant pattern of inheritance c. When the risk is high and prophylaxis to reduce disorder severity is available d. When the mutation within a family is known and is specific 13-What term is used to describe the gene-to-gene interaction in which the action of one gene modifies the expression of a different gene? Select one: a. Epistasis b. Heterogeneity c. Epigenetic penetrance d. Genomic imprinting 14-What is the relationship among genes, DNA, and proteins? Select one: a. Proteins are the nitrogenous bases that form double strands of DNA in its helical shape. b. DNA is composed of a series of amino acids that provide the directions for synthesizing proteins. c. Protein is composed of DNA that is organized into specific gene sequences called amino acids. d. A gene is a section of DNA that provides the directions for synthesizing a specific protein. 15-What type of genetic test provides information about an asymptomatic person’s risk for having a child with a specific autosomal recessive disorder in the future? Select one: a. Predictive test b. Newborn screening c. Carrier test d. Diagnostic test • Show less

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