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Papers will be checked for plagiarism. Requirements for the Composition You are to select one of the following plays found in your text and read it: Aeschylus-Agamemnon (650-701) Sophocles-Antigone (701-707) Euripides-Medea (783-822) Aristophanes- Lysistrata (822-862) Then, you are to select a character from the play you read, and write a characterization of that character. To prepare your paper use the hand-outs located in Study Guides1-Composition Guidelines/Requirements, 2-Sample Outline, 3-Sample Composition, 4-Notes on Characterization, 5-Generic Essay, 6-Manuscript Form. Because this is not a traditional “face-to-face” class, it is important that students read all materials provided to help/guide them in their preparation of their assignments. All papers are to be 2-4 pages long, submitted using Times New Roman 12 font , use both the primary source and at least one secondary source, and formatted using MLA 2008 or higher version. Your secondary source should be an academic source. Using the databases from FTCC’s Library is much better than “googling” your topic. All sources must have both an author and a posting date if they come from the internet (databases are not considered the internet).

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