Most students when asked why they go to school, they don’t have a sure answer. They are just there because that is what is required of them. So they just float around aimlessly, until their course time is over. They have no goals to direct them on what to do. When you set goals, you become involved in the events of your life. You become focused because you now can tell what your actions will be directed towards. Goals are crucial for the following reasons:
1. They maximize your potential
They make you put more effort because you now have the vision to work towards. They push you to the limit: to give only your best for best results. Minus the goals, no matter how hard you work all that effort is just in vain. Remember that success is created in the mental world, then actualized in the physical one. Your goals should act like beacons of your mentally created success in the physical world.
2. They give you focus
Goals are like road signs to success. They keep you on the right course, making sure you achieve what you want at the end of it all. Having goals creates a focal point for you to direct your energy towards, for the desired impact. You get to know how to spend your energy and time correctly and what action to take. For example, if you set a goal of getting good grades, your action plan should involve choosing the best classes, revision, creating discussion groups etcetera.
3. Demand accountability
Goals command that you become accountable for your successes and failures alike. Knowing that everything is in your hands cultivates a “handle with care” feeling within you. You continually and carefully monitor yourself, to know if what you are doing will make you achieve the set goal or not. The results point you to what action to take.
4. They motivate
Everyone will only set a goal of something that they desire most. The goals will act as a motivating factor, as the person will feel attracted to that thing that they want. Therefore, they will feel energized and work hard to get it. Setting goals can give you that push that you need to succeed.
5. Act as parameters
Last but not least, goals will serve as a measuring factor. They will define if you are reading enough, or whether you need to do it more than before. They will act as landmarks to tell you if you are maximizing yourself for the best, or if you are wasting your potential and settling for less. From experience, everyone needs something or someone to do this constantly. It’s in our nature.

In summary, goals are a crucial aspect of a student’s life. Nevertheless, goals set should be reasonable (do not set a goal that you know is well above your limits), specific (vague goals will only confuse you) and lastly they should be time conscious (set a reasonable period for achieving your goals. Not too much or very little time).

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