After being used to having just a few classes to choose from in high school, choosing classes in college can be an exciting and a nerve racking experience at the same time. This is because in college students get exposed to even over a hundred classes that they have to choose from. Here are some tips to help you out on how to choose classes in college:
1. Check the general education requirements
These are the mandatory classes. Every school has its own GERs. You have to take them at one point in your course so as to qualify for merits. Usually, they are broken down to make them favorable for all the students. If it is math, you will find options for algebra, statistics, and general math. Go for the one that feels right for you. Ensure that you do not miss any of them. Register for them first.
2. Focus on your major
Many students choose classes without focusing on what they were admitted to the university to do. As you choose classes, do not forget what you are majoring in. Take only the ones that will complement your major either directly or indirectly. Be vigilant to avoid wasting your time on misplaced courses.
3. Explore
Do not just choose classes blindly, attend five to ten classes’ lectures in the first two weeks of the semester. Sampling will give you an impression of what to expect if you chose those classes. Also, you can decide to try something exciting like getting into a class that teaches content that is against your traditional beliefs. Trust me; it is going to be exciting, challenging and educational.
5.Talk to an educational adviser
After you have sampled and created a list of the classes you want to take, it is wise to visit an advisor to help you narrow your choices down. Doing this prevents you from taking an overwhelming number of unnecessary classes. Consider visiting him/her before registration.
6. Maintain a balance
Choose classes that require a diversity of skills, to ensure that you become an all round person. Try not to lean so much on one skill. For example, choosing very many literature classes will leave you with a lot of writing assignments to do at once, which might be overwhelming. Also, it means that you will not have space to take courses related to other skills which might prove disadvantageous.
7. Do not overload
Enticed by the idea of graduating early, many students are tempted to take a lot of classes at once. It is advisable to stick to recommended number of classes. Let it only be by one class if you decide to exceed. If you do this, you will be able to get good grades and also have an easy time in school. Consider taking a writing course if you choose to have an extra class. Writing will always be important no matter what your major is, and so it will be worthwhile.
8. Register
Work toward early registration so that you can make the cut. Remember you are not the only one who wants the class, and that that class can only take a certain number of students. Take care not to double book yourself or have clashing classes. You don’t want to be rushing up and down in between lectures like a crazy person.
Have fun as you choose your classes!

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