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Grading Criteria and Feedback Students will be marked according to the detailed grading criteria located at the end of this section of the Subject Learning Guide. Feedback will be provided to the group within three weeks of the submission date. This feedback is to be incorporated into Assessment Task 2: Group Presentation. Description of Task The assessment task requires students to critically evaluate the theories of uncial accounting. It gives the students the opportunity to demonstrate their level of understanding of the conceptual background to accounting practice and regulation. In order to complete this task, students will be allocated to groups from within their tutorial.

Assessment Task 2 week 8 20% The test will be conducted during the week 8 lecture. Details of the time and place of the test will be provided closer to the date. Grading Criteria and Feedback The questions are interactive requiring input from the student, based on information supplied. The student’s performance will be accessed automatically by the system and a mark out of 10 will be allocated on completion of each online task.

If requested, feedback and additional help will be provided by the lecturer. Description of Task The aim of this assessment task is to give students the opportunity to demonstrate their level of understanding at the mid-point of the semester.This should highlight to students whether they need to spend more time engaging with the subject material in order to have sufficient understanding to satisfactorily complete the subject.

The test will comprise of Multiple Choice Questions ONLY and may include questions from topics 4, 5, 6 and 7. Students who fail to sit the mid-semester test at the scheduled time will be awarded zero (O) marks for this piece of assessment. Assessment Task 3 SILOS Assessed Students must provide a brief report to the lecturer, prior to the presentation, detailing how they have incorporated feedback from Assessment Task 1 into their presentation. Grading Criteria and Feedback provided to group members at least one week prior to the final examination.Incorporating feedback received from Assessment Task 1, students are squired to present their findings from Assessment Task 1 to the tutorial group. Students will work in the same group as per Assessment Task 1 and all group members are expected to participate in the oral presentation. Assessment Task 4 1, 2,3 The examination will be held during the exam period.

Students should consult the examination timetable for date, time and room details. Grading Criteria and Feedback the end of this section of the Subject Learning Guide. Students must obtain at least 40% on the final examination and achieve a minimum aggregate mark of 50% for the subject in order to gain a passing grade for the subject.The final grades in the subject and in each of the assessment tasks will be allocated according to the following: AI- 100% B: 70- 79%C: 60 – D: 50 – N: 49% or less The final examination will consist of 15 minutes reading time and 3 hours writing time. The final examination will cover all parts of the course, unless otherwise advised. It will consist Of short answer theory and practical questions requiring calculations and the recording of accounting journal entries. Students will NOT be permitted to bring any printed or handwritten material into the final examination.

Students are allowed to bring a on-programmable calculator. Further details regarding the format and allowable materials of the final examination will be advised closer to the date of the examination.Detailed Grading Criteria Assessment Task 1 : Group Report Criteria Standard (N, 0-49% etc) (D, 50-59%, etc) (C, 60-69%, etc) (B, 70-79%, etc) (A, 80-100%, etc) 1. 1 Understanding of relevant theories, disciplinary content and regulation Inaccurate or inappropriate choice/application of theories. Failed to apply or inappropriately applied Standards and/or guidelines Fair attempt at application of theories. Applied some Standards and/or guidelines appropriately Key theories are applied in an appropriate and straightforward manner. Applied appropriate Standards and (or guidelines to the main issues.

Insightful and appropriate application of key theories. Standards and/or guidelines appropriately applied to the issues Demonstrates integration and innovation in the application of theory.

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