However, online students should expect to spend about 6 hours a week (over a 7 h week period) for each credit hour enrolled.

This would include reading, researching and writing papers, doing projects, completing exercises, studying and fleeting on the course material, as well as the time spent on the computer participating in discussion threads, reviewing online course materials, taking tests, and uploading and downloading materials. The time devoted to classes scheduled for other than a 7 h week period would adjust proportionally.Written Assignments: There are no written assignments for this course. There are practice problems for this course using http:// www. interactions. Com . Discussion Boards: Participation is a combination of logging into the platform and participating in the class discussions.

Students are required to issues the weekly topic. There are 35 points assigned to each weeks discussion board, with the Meet and Greet thread in Week 1 worth another 5 points.The total points equal 250, or 25% of the total course grade.

Students are expected to: * post an initial response to the topic (posted by mid-week (e. G. Wednesday or Thursday, depending on the due date assigned by the Instructor) * Post at least two responses to the posting made by the classmates. * Post at least three different times during the week.

* Class Participation: Must be completed by Sunday evening at the midnight of the current week. This includes the discussion forum. Late Assignments: Late assignments will not be accepted by the instructor unless the circumstances are extenuating (such as birth of child, death in family, catastrophic weather event, etc. ). Contact the instructor if something extenuating happens to you during the term to work out a late assignment schedule. Written Assignments: There are no written assignments for this course.

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