Assignment examples

Assignment examples

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They say Time is the healer! Try not to waste out time on your Assignment tasks. Most students start their own Assignment task even though their classmate has already completed their research reports and receive better grades, while others are stuck making it sensible to borrow their classmates and serve as a reference. This makes a model of someone else’s own work.

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Suggested topics for your Assignment task

How to choose a topic for your Assignment task

Get to select any topic that interests you. From a list below, decide on something interesting. It may or may not be from the ones provided.

  • Suicide cases of adolescents
  • How does blurred gender role affect personality?
  • Creativity and emotional disorder
  • Substance abuse
  • Women and gender
  • Nursing administration
  • Geriatrics
  • Business plan
  • Violence in schools and trauma effect

These are among the subject topics that one may pick.

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