For this assignment, you will perform an analysis of Campbells Soup Company

For this assignment, you will perform an analysis of Campbells Soup Company. Your paper must be central to the topics of Operations Management and Lean Processes.
The data in your study needs to be supported by acceptable references (Wikipedia, and Blogs are not acceptable references). You are to use your knowledge of Operations Management and Lean Processes as the basis for your study. Your study will be graded using the criteria noted in the rubric below. Please note that this is a short writing assignment. This exercise will test your ability to provide a concise analysis that targets all the pertinent information to support a position/strategy. You will find it tough to limit the size of your paper to 5 pages total, but in business you will routinely be asked to provide concise reports.
Formatting guidelines for written case analysis paper are as follows:
Submitted as an MS Word Document
Maximum 6 pages in total (excluding Appendix), double-spaced, 12 font
Title Page- 1 page
Written Analysis – 4 pages total. The following headings should be used:
o Introduction
o Organization’s Background
o Operations Management and Lean Processes – Description of operations management and lean processes and how they tie to the organization under study.
o Organizational Strategies – Strategies that the organization took and may take to better position their business in their market segment or segments
o Alternative Decisions – Discusses student’s alternate business decisions/rationale and provides references/support for positions.
o Conclusion
Reference Page – 1 page
Appendix – As many pages as required to support analysis
APA style and formatting required. However, no abstract is required for this paper
Appendix page(s) to include relevant financial and key decision-making analysis relevant to the case analysis. Analysis of the financial data presented in the case is expected.

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