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In a nutshell it all comes back to a cadets code of honor The pledge that all cadets live by, that a cadet will not lie, cheat, or steal, redecorate those who do (http://BMW. Sums. Deed). Diagnosis To understand the magnitude of this, Individuals must have an understanding of the west point school environment.

This school was designed not only mold young minds but produce the countries military leaders of tomorrow, with a strong academic and moral background. One would think the school was more concerned with punishment, than working awards ways to make this type event less likely to happen in the future.Taking immediate action Was necessary, but if they done more to coach past violators they might have succeeded in creating a better understanding of what was expected of all cadets. In the cases of cadet dismissals, they seem to do nothing to build character, going right to punishment over counseling.

Theory Loss of Individuality -A social process in which individual group members lose self-awareness and its accompanying sense of accountability, inhibition, ND responsibility for individual behavior (Lutheran, 201 1).So even based on this honor code they saw this as their combined mission, therefore, they had not in the true sense violated this code in their minds. This can be seen as a lack of personal accountability.

One thing that drives this point home even more was the wiliness of the cadets to give statements against other cadets, in a way not taking personal responsibility. In closing if the cadets were interested in personal responsibility they would have been upfront at the beginning of the process.Prescription In a fairy tale world, they could all learn from their experience, but they not only need to be held accountable, but they need to be punished. The punishment should not be uniform because all individuals committed the offense of different degrees. They should first come up with a process that can be seen as fair and impartial. This will work in the short term, but in the long term they need to protect the interest of not just the academy but also the individual.

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