This paper focuses on use of Betty Neuman systems Model in practice using a case study. The model focuses to finding a solution for a patient is none compliance with his care at home after being discharged. This case is a case that involves a patent who is discharged from […]

A Nurse Board received a complaint concerning allegations that registered nurse, whilst working in the emergency department of hospital, practiced outside the scope by knowingly providing prescription only medication to a patient without the authority of medical officer. When interviewed, the nurse stated the patient attended the emergency department for […]

Pain during childbirth is a very subjective matter and varies considerably between women. It is generally considered to be severe pain with only 2-4% of women reporting minimal pain in labour. The pain of childbirth is arguably one of the most severe types of pain a woman will endure in […]

1. List nursing interventions and preventative management related to skeletal traction. a. The weights used by the patient should be known and recorded in the nursing documentation; the weights must not be removed from the skeletal traction unless a life-threatening situation happens for removal of these destroys their purpose. b. […]

Introduction The advent of new media has had a direct and irreversible impact on the foundations of journalism practice. They have brought about changes which caused reporters to renew their skills and change their long established working habits. With the constant evolution of new technological tools, along with web-based platforms […]

Faced with declining citizen interest and participation in democratic politics and declining citizen’s trust in politicians and representative institutions (Gibson et al., 2008: 111-13), governments, political parties, social and political scientists in many countries have focused increasing attention on the potential of online communication to address these deficits and revitalise […]

The paper has made three main contributions firstly differentiating the concept of brand attachment and brand attitude theoretically, observing these effects in terms of consumer purchase behavior. The researcher defines conceptual properties as the strength of the brand to create rich retention network with the brand the consumer is able […]