Figurational Sociology The concept of figuration grew out of Norbert Elias’s best-known work, The Civilizing Process (Elias, 1939/1994). This work provided an analysis of how the European nation state emerged. It analysed social behaviour in modernity, and particularly social interactions. Split into two parts, the work first focussed on an […]

“It is important to emphasise that, while our proposed reforms will give some third parties the right to enforce contracts, there will remain many contracts where a third party stands to benefit and yet will not have a right of enforceability” In 1996, the Law Commission published Privity of Contract: […]

The presentation of women in Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre (1847) and Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary (1857) is one of the principal informatives of the novels. Clearly, the presentation of women in each case is influenced by the authorial directive which drove the novels and certainly the gender related issues can […]

Background: General Introduction to Topic: This study is two fold; firstly it relates to a personal interest as an early years practitioner and secondly a professional resolution to understand the role of the practitioner and the influence the individual can have on children’s learning. For effective learning within early years […]

COMMERCIAL LAW “where a person contracts as agent, the contract is that of the principal, and not that of the agent and prima facie the only person who may sue is the principal and the only person who may be sued is the principal….to that rule, there are of course […]

Public, private and voluntary sectors in the sports industry, advantages and disadvantages of the leisure centre being in the public sector, how the local leisure centre can meet the aim of getting more local clubs to use its facilities. Introduction “Since the opportunity to participate in sport or recreation requires […]

This assignment will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of incorporation of companies. This will be discussed in relation to public and private companies and it will be concluded that the main advantageous of incorporation is and continues to be that of limited liability and separate legal personality. Other issues will […]

Through a close analysis of The Crying Game, examine Judith Butler’s notion of the performativity of gender There appear to be many similarities between Neil Jordan’s 1992 movie The Crying Game and Judith Butler’s theory of the performativity of gender as promulgated in her seminal book Gender Trouble, which has […]

Is a crime committed because the criminal is a rational being, able to make the decision to offend as an act of free will? Does the crime occur because environmental influences – parents, peer group, culture and so on – determined the act would invariably happen? Or is the real […]

Title: Discuss the nurse led intervention in relation to secondary prevention for COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease (COPD) is a growing health concern today all over the world. The World health Organization predicts that by 2020 COPD will rise from it’s current ranking of 12th most prevalent disease worldwide to […]