Nobes (1998) classifies the German financial reporting system as a ‘Type B (weak equity)’ and The Netherlands as ‘Type A (strong equity)’. Compare the financial reporting systems of Germany and The Netherlands. National differences have all become stereotypical. Indeed the differences between countries may be vast. Influences such as family […]

“The cases provide many examples of judicial awareness of the danger that too strict an application of the requirement of certainty could result in the striking down of agreements intended by businessmen to have binding force” – Treitel. Critically evaluate this statement in light of case law and consider in […]

What were the essential aspects of pantomime and how have they come down to us in the present day? Although it is currently most commonly seen as a peculiarly British pastime, pantomime in fact has its origins in the medieval period of European history (Lathan, 2004). Specifically in terms of […]

Limitations of Research: the researcher could not use all the internet sources because some of them are written in Chinese, the researcher followed the structure that is provided by you but I have noticed that there is repetition in the points that are mentioned in the objectives and the points […]

Blackberry Phone Background Living in a global world, we are mainly ruled by gadgets of all kinds. Starting from a street sweeper all the way up to the CEO of a multinational corporation, we all are beguiled by the charm and charisma that technology brings to our lives. This reality […]

Servqual Tool The quality of services in emirates airlines: the challenges of continuous improvement Introduction In this paper the concept of quality is discussed to examine its development and applications. Service quality is reflected upon with an elaboration of the seminal SERVQUAL tool in a separate section. The paper also […]

According to Calof and Beamish (1995), internationalization is “the method of adapting organizations’ operations (resources, strategy, structure,) to foreign environments”. This process comprises of the amount and geographic distance of the foreign market that is entered; the different amount of activities that are carried out in the different countries and […]

Textile industry means which produces all types of fabrics, yarns, combs, boffins etc.. it also includes all ready made garments, blankets (woollen / acrylic). India is leading country of cotton fabrics and wollen carpets and cotton durries. To establish a textile industry a huge amount is required and it is […]

In reflecting the macro environment, it is vital for us to identify the factors that might affect the number of variables which can influence the organizations supply and demand levels and the costs as well. The drastic changes in society day by day will create an impact on the function […]