Human Resources Information System (“HRIS”) Proposal HRIS management is a fundamentally important element of any organisation. The cost of labour and the management of this labour is one of the largest expenses facing modern organisations and, as such, is an area that many companies will look at in order to […]

Today’s coach also has reference to an experienced person, teaching, training and guiding another in a particular field or sport, for example, in tennis, golf, football etc. Another dimension of today’s coaching or executive coaching or corporate coaching refers to a coach guiding the coachees (persons who being coached), in […]

The purpose of this paper is to explore, analyse, and critically comment on issues about JetBlue Airways. The paper discusses how JetBlue has been successful in managing strategic change, as well as the firm’s approach to corporate social responsibility. Analysis is done on JetBlue’s organisational structure and also gives critical […]

The psychological contract is an important concept in the field of HR and has become particularly important during the recent economic downturn. When companies are forced to cut back and find cost reductions the traditional contract of long-term job security in return for hard work and loyalty may no longer […]

This study examined the relationship between emotional intelligence and performance of teams. Under Emotional Intelligence (EI), four dimensions were studied; Self-Emotional Appraisal (SEA), Other Emotional Appraisal (OEA), Use of Emotion (UOE) and Regulation of Emotion (ROE). Regression analysis was used to investigate the relationships between the variables. The analysis of […]

Introduction: This case study is about Harley-Davidson a prestigious American Motorcycle manufacturer situated at Milwaukee U.S.A, with a full year 2009 revenue of $4.29 billion and income of $70.6 million from continuing operations. (Press release This analysis has its focus on a brief history of H-D, which includes the […]

Executive Summary: The report will develop key points using the Porter competitive model as a guide. It will describe low cost strategy and differentiation strategy and its impact in key HR function such as HR planning, recruitment and selection, orientation, training and development, career planning, performance management, compensation management, Health […]

The interrelationships between organisation, strategic management and business environmental conditions have been enduring themes of organisation and management theory over the last 4 decades, and restructuring has emerged as a significant mechanism in the successful adaptation of organisations to environmental influences (Clark, 2004). The 1980s were characterised by a wave […]