Introduction In todays world the competition is getting intense in all the fields especially in the world of business. If all the organizations have to run in the competition and to achieve the success every organization has to follow the approach of strategic management. Different approaches have been guiding the […]

GE Healthcare: Company Overview GE Healthcare is a unit of the wider General Electric Company. It has a global orientation, employing more than 46, 000 staff committed to serving healthcare professionals and patients in over 100 countries. It is headquartered in the United Kingdom (UK)-the first GE business segment outside […]

Marketing Metrics Background Organizations have rapidly moved into an era of focused marketing spending. Cost cutting is no longer considered the best possible revenue generation vehicle because of its limitations. Tougher economy has put screws to marketing and sales department budgets. It has made marketing to prove it’s spend or […]

Marketing Research Diary Marketing Research Seminar 1 Part One: Prepared Material 1) What is the management decision problem facingDuPont? New type of carpets (innovation) Can commercial segment be transferred to residential segment? Whether they should introduce the new collection into theresidential market. If the answer to that question is yes: […]

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Dell’s competitive advantage is their direct customer sales and customer support; this has made the company one of the leading suppliers of computer systems. Dell has a better understanding of its customers computer needs through continuous online and telephone interaction. This constant interaction drives individual and enterprise productivity. […]

The purpose of this report is to implement power integrated marketing communication plan for Skoda; automotive company. The outcome of this plan is to establish an impressive and desire challenger brand in order to compete with category “big fish” automotive brands in Australia. Skoda is encountering a big challenge from […]

M&S is a great brand. It is one of the UK’s leading retailers. The company operates in about 41 countries worldwide with UK as its primary market and employs about 76,000 people. M&S deals in clothing, food, home, financial services and online services. To develop the suitable business strategy for […]

Topic of the Research “How TESCO compete in highly competitive environment with low price of products and service” Background to the Study The successes of organizations are measured through analysing the productivity of organizations. Productivity of an organization is highly dependent on the market share of the organization where they […]

KRI – KRI S.A. company was created in 1950 from George Tsinavo and is activated in the milk industry. The company initially dealt with ice cream that was first sold by hawkers using ice and salt for cooling and sold in every neighborhood in the city of Serres, Greece. In […]

Sony, a highly-technologically driven multinational Japanese corporation, is amongst the leading companies in producing and selling electronics worldwide. Its quality electronic products associated with laptops, mobiles, cameras, video game consoles have enabled them to achieve a significant advantage over its competitors in the aggressively ever-changing technological market. Play Station, Sony’s […]