The term “Prosthesis” can be defined as an artificial replica that replaces human damaged or lost body part. In the field of arthroplasty or joint replacement surgery, prosthesis is defined as an artificial joint that replaces the arthritis affected or damaged human articulation (i.e., bone joint). The primary objective of […]

1.0 Introduction One of the main outcomes of neo-liberalism in IPE (International political Economy) in economic reforms is Privatisation. To develop my argument, I will look at the arguments of neo-liberalism in favour of privatisation and trans-nationalisation of capital through globalisation. The idea of globalisation has grown to be one […]

Introduction In our life money has always play an important and crucial role in almost in every aspect. And in this, bank is an institution which mainly deals with money. According to Freixas and Rocher bank is an institution whose current operations consists in granting loans and receiving deposits from […]

According to some theorists, the twentieth century can be divided into two distinct periods.; The modernism movement and Postmodernism. By its loose definition, Modernism is a collection of movements (cultural and social) that came to popularity between the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. It consisted of a crescendo of […]

Introduction Increasing numbers now recognise the potential devastation upon the worldwide environment climate change could have. With CO2 emissions increasing at a rate of 1.6%/Yr (1999-2005) and emissions from power production at 23,684 Mt/yr (2005)1 plus no current successor to the Kyoto Protocol*, it is clear that Carbon Dioxide is […]

Misery is one of the many best-selling books written by the author, Stephen King. It takes place in rural Colorado, near Sidewinder, almost the same setting as in the book, “The Shining.” The 384-page book begins with the main character, Paul Sheldon, an author from New York, in a deep […]