Introduction This essay will consist in an attempt to analyse the doctrine of impossibility and its operation in relation to contracts. It will look closely at both the concept of initial impossibility arising from a common mistake on the part of both parties as to the state of things before […]

Chapter 1: Directors’ Duties Formulating a system for holding directors accountable has never been easy. As Roach put it, directors’ duties must be gleaned from “a confusing and compendious mass of case law and the occasional statutory measure.”[1] Given the vast variations in the types of companies that exist, and […]

The first step we should attend to briefly is to define what a trust is. Simply put, a trust is a relationship under the law of equity[1] that arises when one person (the settlor) vests the legal title in another person (the trustee) for the benefit of a third-party called […]

The Enduring Popularity of Shakespeare’s Hamlet Why is Hamlet so popular? Shakespeare wrote countless masterpieces, many of which are debatably more exciting (The Tempest), momentous (Macbeth), intriguing (Othello), romantic (Romeo and Juliet) and profound (King Lear). But not only has Hamlet been produced more by the Royal Shakespeare company than […]

The aim of this essay is to address to what extent Karl Marx could be considered a determinist. In doing so it will consider: (a) what constitutes determinism; (b) Marx’s theories on history; and (c) whether these theories are compatible with the notion of determinism. Precedence is given to section […]

A Critical Discourse Analysis of an article on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict With increasing global media synergies, media studies seems to be gaining popularity in academia. One part of this discipline involves the close examination of media texts, be they written, spoken, or symbolic. To analyse texts linguistically, two dimensions are […]

The Skilled Helper Approach Outline This paper is about integrative counselling using the skilled helper approach. In this paper we will discuss the theory and application of the integrative model of the skilled helper and components of person centred counselling and solution focus therapy. We will look at this integrative […]

The Children’s Act 2004 The Children’s Act introduced in 2004 aimed to address concerns about the protection of children. As such, to a significant extent it built on the provisions of the 1989 Children’s Act. Above all, the main motivation for establishing a new act relating to children was a […]

This brief critically considers the empirical literature on asthma care. Emphasis is on UK studies although research from the USA (and other countries) is also considered. It is argued that both environmental and genetic factors are implicated in asthma onset, based on epidemiological evidence. Deficits in care provision persist: these […]

Anne Stevenson’s poem, “The Marriage,” is a playful, subtle and profound description of the differences between men and women, and the difficulties inherent in such, specifically in regards to the unification of the sexes, both physically, spiritually and in terms of societal conventions (thus the title). By portraying these difficulties […]