The authors of this research intended to study the experiences of traditional and non-traditional college students. The research involved conducting a quantitative study of experiences of the college students in the institutions of higher learning. The research focused on the increasing numbers of the non-traditional students at the universities that […]

Unit 2 Assignment Part 1 More often than not, many people have faced problems trying to explain the difference that exists between interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary studies. One of the reasons, as noted by Richard Meeth in his article called, “Interdisciplinary studies: A matter of definition.” Is the confusing nature of […]

Competencies for Nurse Practitioners The graduate of a family/across the lifespan nursing program otherwise known as a family nurse practitioner must demonstrate commitment to family-centered care. The nurse must understand the importance of the family unit in the identified community (Hamric, Hanson, Tracy & O’Grady, 2013). In line with this, […]

Pepsi Company Brand The product life cycle for Pepsi Company undergoes five main stages, which play a significant role in ensuring that the company’s brand attains the intended market base. The company is committed to give maximum attention to every stage of the product life cycle in order to ensure […]

This paper focuses on use of Betty Neuman systems Model in practice using a case study. The model focuses to finding a solution for a patient is none compliance with his care at home after being discharged. This case is a case that involves a patent who is discharged from […]