STRATEGY IN PRACTICE – Introduction to Strategy In the Words of Johnson & Scholes (2002), Strategy is the direction and scope of an organisation over the long term which achieves advantage for the establishment through its configuration of resources within a changing environment and to fulfil stakeholder expectations. In […]

CASE STUDY: SEBASTIAN AND BELLE YANOVSKY This essay examines the legislation, policy and care practice relevant to the case study of Sebastian and Belle Yanovsky, and their parents Ms. Jo Butler and Mr. Zalman Yanovsky. The main issues for discussion are: the legislation relevant to the case study, the role […]

The French Revolution is synonymous with nationalism. In fact, there can be little doubt that the concept of a nationalist revolution was born from the discord that built up in and around the periphery of France during the 1780’s. There was, however, little cohesion or malice aforethought with regards to […]

“The introduction of identity cards in the UK infringes upon our human rights and civil liberties whilst actually doing very little to counter crime and terrorism” – Discuss Contents –   Abstract   Introduction   Chapter One – Surveillance as a means of crime prevention & counter terrorism 1.1 Is […]

Triangulation – Qualitative Analysis Triangulation is often used in qualitative methodology to increase the validity of findings, but it is not a panacea. Using British examples in the police and public sector, discuss the meaning of the term triangulation, how it can be used in qualitative research and its limitations […]

The Transformational Process Model A contrast of the transformational process model as it applies to the manufacturing (car manufacturing) and service (advertising) industries. Slack et al provide a model which assists in understanding the transformational process. Their model looks at the transformation of inputs into outputs of goods and services […]

Title – ‘Discuss critically the current international legal position on the patentability of software and business method inventions’. Introduction As a general proposition, the speed at which a true global economy has been assembled over the past 20 years has been the dominant element in the re-ordering of international legal […]

The year 1989 saw a surprising and swift transformation of Central and Eastern Europe. Where only a few years before the ouster of communism would have been unimaginable, now country after country removed its communist government and embraced some form of democracy. Never in human history has there been such […]

This assignment will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of incorporation of companies. This will be discussed in relation to public and private companies and it will be concluded that the main advantageous of incorporation is and continues to be that of limited liability and separate legal personality. Other issues will […]

Public, private and voluntary sectors in the sports industry, advantages and disadvantages of the leisure centre being in the public sector, how the local leisure centre can meet the aim of getting more local clubs to use its facilities. Introduction “Since the opportunity to participate in sport or recreation requires […]