The Virgin Group is a multi national corporation with a hugely diversified business portfolio. This essay examines how the Virgin Groups corporate strategy has allowed it to sustain competitive advantage. The first area that is covered is the composition of Virgins portfolio, namely what businesses Virgin is in and what […]

The paper has made three main contributions firstly differentiating the concept of brand attachment and brand attitude theoretically, observing these effects in terms of consumer purchase behavior. The researcher defines conceptual properties as the strength of the brand to create rich retention network with the brand the consumer is able […]

Faced with declining citizen interest and participation in democratic politics and declining citizen’s trust in politicians and representative institutions (Gibson et al., 2008: 111-13), governments, political parties, social and political scientists in many countries have focused increasing attention on the potential of online communication to address these deficits and revitalise […]

Gloria Jean Coffee The following report analyses the coffee industry of Gloria Jeans Coffee in regard to its competitive position in the market. Gloria Jeans is a premium coffee maker that focuses on franchising their business to locals. Gloria Jean’s Coffee History In 1979, Gloria Jean Kvetko founded Gloria Jean’s […]

The company chosen for analysing is IKEA, a leading home furnishing retailer in world wide. The creation of better life for several people every day is the vision of the company. In UK there are 18 stores of IKEA and through its website it has online shopping and ordering. IKEA […]

Consumer behaviour ‘is the study of the processes involved when individuals or groups select, purchase, use or dispose of products, services, ideas or experiences to satisfy needs and desires’ (Solomon et al, 2009, p 6.). An understanding of consumer behaviour is a crucial element of the successful management of any […]

Introduction The main purpose of this assignment is to consider an organisation and thereafter compile a report upon the organisation chosen. The main objective of the report is to conduct relevant research into different areas of the organisation and analyse the following: the organisational structure, sources of finance, marketing management, […]