Early research by Burns (1978) concluded that “leadership is one of the most observed and least understood phenomena on earth” (Burns, 1978). To enhance our understanding of leadership this chapter will critically review the early theories of leadership to current leadership research on transformational and transactional leadership style. It will […]

Consumer buying decision process describes the procedures when consumers to carefully evaluate the attributes of a product, brand or service and choose to purchase the products to meet a specific need. In the year 1910, Mr. Dewey introduced five stages of buying decision process which are problem or need recognition, […]

A new breed of kopitiam (a coffee shop in local Chinese dialects) has gained popularity in Malaysia during the past few years. In fact, there are no less than a hundred different brands of kopitiam which can be found everywhere in Malaysia with little or no differentiation. In such saturated […]

Abcam Plc is UK’s largest producer and distributor of research grade antibodies and associated products. Abcam is one of the rapidly developing company in Biotechnology industry. The company was founded in 1998 by Jonathan Milner (CEO), David Cleevely (Chairman) and Prof. Tony Kouzarides (NED) (Beer, 2008). Abcam became a public […]

The psychological contract is an important concept in the field of HR and has become particularly important during the recent economic downturn. When companies are forced to cut back and find cost reductions the traditional contract of long-term job security in return for hard work and loyalty may no longer […]

Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd, a mobile communications company, provides wireless telecommunications services. It offers mobile and fixed telephony products and services, including prepaid, post-paid, and international services; and data services to individual and corporate customers. The company was formerly known as Mutiara Telecommunications Sdn Bhd and changed its name to […]

Hadoop Distributed File System is a distributed file system available as an open source software under the Apache Software Foundation. Its salient features can be enlisted as reliability, availability and scalability that helps it effectively manage peta bytes of data. It makes use of the Map/Reduce algorithms that provide enhanced […]