Chicago Youth Program

Please give this work to Trinabrata Das

APA format, I have attached an example and the rubric
Some Ideas

Myself and some of my classmates had the chance to teach the class age 4 years old to 13 years old on how to make the right choice by eating healthy. The class teacher also gave me her lesson plan to work with for the day.

Topic: Chicago Youth Program


Near the end of completing your service-learning experience for this quarter, discuss

1. What have you learned about your community partner site and health disparities?

i. What prevention services that, if available, would improve the health of the population served by your community organization?

ii. Would the clients be likely to take advantage of these services? (why or why not?)

iii. What influences whether someone will take advantage of health services?

2. Discuss what justice/social change means to you within a health context, and how do you see it playing out or not playing out at your service organization?

a. What does it mean to be a socially responsible nurse?

b. How have you been challenged to think and act differently as a nurse? As an individual? Give an example

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