Choose one of the following topics and write a short essay of about 750-800 words

Description Below are the instructions that were provided by my professor: Choose one of the following topics and write a short essay of about 750-800 words. The essay must be based on material found in John Parker and Richard Rathbone, African History: A Very Short Introduction. Utilize the whole book, not just one chapter. Do not use other sources. The essay must be properly referenced including page numbers. 1. Africans have always been the key players in creating their own history, although the wider dynamics of globalization over many centuries have had a huge impact on the continent. Identify three key moments from different periods in which Africans have shaped their own destiny and briefly discuss their historical importance. 2. Parker and Rathbone identify and briefly discuss the various intellectual approaches to African history, its main themes, and the methods (methodologies) that historians have developed to study the African past. Choose two or three of these approaches, themes, or methodologies, describe them, and discuss with examples why you think they have particular value for helping us understand and appreciate African history.

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