Describe how linkedin contributes to your personal brand



The purpose of this assignment is to launch your participation in LinkedIn ( which is an online tool to help you develop professional connections.

This assignment involves two parts. Part 1: Create a LinkedIn profile to highlight your goals and target audience. You must make a minimum of 20 connections, 5 of which must be non-education working professionals, and join 2 groups. You must also connect with me, your instructor. Part 2: Write a 250-word summary of your goals, target audience and how LinkedIn contributes to your personal brand. This part will be submitted to the appropriate folder in the Dropbox area by 11:59 pm CT on Friday.

Part 1 LinkedIn Profile –

1. Create a profile on LinkedIn

2. Fill-in as much of the information as possible (professional photo, education, jobs/past jobs/ internships, skills, etc.)

3. Connect with me, your instructor, so I can see your profile.

4. Add a minimum of 20 connections, 5 of which need to be working professionals outside of your classmates/instructors.

5. Join 2 groups. Make sure your settings enable me to see all of your groups.

Part 2 –

Write at least a 250 word commentary summarizing LinkedIn. You must have a minimum of 2 paragraphs for each section below.

1. Your overall individual goals. (Get a job, internship, or get into grad school, create a professional network, etc.)

2. Your target audience. (Be specific, in order to get as many points as possible.)

3. Describe how LinkedIn contributes to your personal brand.

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