Describe the basic elements involved in sexual harassment

Describe the basic elements involved in sexual harassment. Develop a personal mock case scenario with your explanation. What steps should be utilized in preventing sexual harassment the workplace? Include the role of the supervisor and the employee, in reporting claims of harassment.

What are the psychological warning signs that often precede workplace violence? Explain each sign in full, with examples. What can an employer do to prevent workplace violence? Set up a mock preventative plan of action, with steps and documentation.

School Violence:explain school violence give some examples. What are the warning signs of school violence according to the US Dept. Of Education ? What are some of the warning signs within the organizational culture that one should be aware of ?

What preventative steps of action can be taken for communities in lessening victimization?

How do we (CJ) respond to tragedy and the uncertainly of life associated with terrorism?

What is PTSD ? Give a brief history. How it related to policing ? History of PTSD in policing

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