Elements of shakespears sonnets

Write a one page SINGLE SPACED response paper…proper heading please based on the following:

Upon successful completion of this lesson, students should specifically be able to do the following:

1. Understand and identify the elements of Shakespeare’s Sonnets I – V (1-5)

2. Evaluate a s through close reading Shakespeare’s form poetic form: “Sonnets.”

3. Respond through the writing process a summary of the the first five Sonnets…and the use of language and meaning in this form of iambic pentameter (ten consonant stresses or beats). Evaluate the use of this form and provide a detailed summation of the overall message to a singular subject. (Beauty)

Guiding Questions:

1. What, (if at all) is the the “power” of the word choice of Shakespeare’s “Sonnets?”

2. How does Shakespeare provide imagery without being specific to the exact form of whom he speaks?

3. Are the Sonnets “gender specific?” What line or lines make it clear that he is speaking to a woman?

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