ElProject: eMarketing Plan

ElProject: eMarketing Plan Due INk12
(Please notify your Lecturer in Week 3 ot the product and business that you are going to be
Assessment Overview:
Research. plan and develop an eMarketing p,n ,r a fashion related business. This project is an opportunity for you to research and evaluate current and future tools and trends in eMorkerting.
Assessment Instructions:
Research for this will involve both primary and secondary sources of inforrnation where available. Primary sources will include your own observations and, where possible, interviews with the company and any other relevant parties (e.g. retailers, consumers, etc.). Secondary sources will involve undertaking appropriate literature research on articles that comment on the product and its introduction.
Visual references should be used where relevant ond electron, files are made as small as possible. Do not include images or. graph,s ,r interest only. They must contribute to the discussion and critique of the topic.
Masking C’te’a:
You wid be assessed on the following requirements:
eMarketing Plan 20%
Document presentation and readability 5%
References: including quality and relevance 10%
Research Joumal 5%
Total 40%
(Assessment rubric will be distributed in week To,IMarks 40%

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