English Literature & Poetry

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English is one of the most widely spoken language in all over the globe. As a matter of fact, English is considered to be an international language.  The most spoken form of this language is British and American English. One of the fields that is commonly studied is the English literature which is the study of literature which is written in English language. English literature doesn’t necessarily has to come from England or America as it can come from all over the globe as long as the given literature is written in English. This type of literature is from different writers all over the world who lived in different periods which dates back as far as five centuries ago. English literature can be divided into three major categories which correspond to the period in which such literature was written for an assignment paper. These periods are from 1150 to 1485 which represents the Middle English literature, 1485-1603 which represents the renaissance English literature and 1605 to date which represents the modern literature. Is writing your English literature causing you sleepless nights? If yes, then you might want to hire our professional English literature assignment writing services by clicking on the order now button. Our writing and editing services are legit and this means that there is no need to worry about losing your money to fraudsters when you order for our help.


The noun poetry comes from the Greek word “poiesis” meaning making. It is one of the styles of literature that is linked to the early days of humankind. It dates back to the time when oral communication was the only means of passing information especially folk songs and oral narratives. It uses rhythmic and beautiful aspects of language such as alliteration, repetition, onomatopoeia and phonaesthetics to produce vividpictures of reality through imagination and artistic workmanship. It can be performed musically or through recitation. Poems sometimes have diverse meanings or interpretations which come as a result of using Irony, metaphors and other linguistic styles which are employed in the writing of poetry.

Poems are of many different types and their classification is based on the subject matter, format and rhyme scheme. Some poems are specific to the culture of the writer and hence use language command that is unique to this culture. Haiku is a form of poetry from the Japanese community which is composed of three lines which do not rhyme.  Line one and line three each contains five syllables, whereas the second line contains even syllables. In most cases they express feelings about the natural world but can take other themes as well. An example is ‘Terza Rima’, and as the name suggests in this type of poem, the lines are arranged in “tercets” meaning in groups of three. The syllable requirement is 10-11 in each line. It was created by Dante the Italian poet. Other examples include Allegory, pastoral, Ode, Narrative, Quatrain, Senryu, Shakespearean sonnet, Free verse and Limerick.

Poetry is yet another form of English literature. Poetry is quite different from other types of literature as it has some form of rhyme, pattern and rhythm. It is one of the many forms of creative writing. A poem is normally organized in stanzas and each stanza typically has some few lines that rhyme and have some rhythm. A poem can be identified by the number of stanzas that it has. Would you love to impress your teacher, lecturer or course instructor with a well written English Poetry assignment? If affirmative, then allow us to help you make this a reality by offering you professional assignment writing help? We assure you that our poetry writing and editing services are affordable and as such, worrying about exorbitantly high prices is uncalled for should you decide to make your order from us.It is also worth to note that we respect our clients’ privacy and this means that we are the firm to seek writing help whenever you want confidential poetry writing assistance. Feel free to make your poetry writing order from our firm today.

In conclusion, poetry adds meaning and depth through visual appearances and its special use of language and is therefore an important genre of language.  There is a general decline in usage of poetry in the current age. More focus should be directed to revive the art.