Entrepreneurship Assignment Brief INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT 1 Do a critical review of TWO articles on topics that are related to ENTREPRENEURSHIP that have been published recently (year 2011-2017). Your critical review should be at least between 5 -7 pages and it should follow the format below: The review should be typewritten using Times New Roman font size 12 and 1.5 line spacing . 1.INTRODUCTION 2. >Identify the article you are reviewing, including the title of the text, the author’s name and their expertise in the field being addressed in the article. >Identify the purpose and context in which the article was written. > Identify your purpose in writing the review and how your examination of the text will address the topic or problem you wish to resolve. >Summarize the main issues raised by the author of the text. 2. REVIEW > Analyze the key points made in the text. >Evaluate the validity of the evidence used to support each point. >Decide whether the conclusions which are reached are convincing when applied in a general sense as well as in the specific situations described in text. This should include both the strengths and weaknesses of the claims made in the article. 3. COMMENTS >Give your opinion about the article 4. CONCLUSION >Summarize your evaluation of the text. >Make a judgment about the credibility of the overall claims made in the text. >Evaluate the usefulness of the text in addressing the issues you wished to resolve in your review 5. REFERENCES – follow APA format INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT 2 NOTE: 1. Your reports must be typed using Times New Roman; 12 font size; 1.5 line spacing. 2. Make sure you reference all materials used following APA format TASK You are required to do both primary and secondary researches on an entrepreneur of your choice and write a report about your research findings. The report should between 5 – 10 pages You have to begin searching for an entrepreneur and fix an interview with him/her as soon as possible. The details required include: 1. The name of the entrepreneur 2. The nature of his/her business 3. Contact details of the entrepreneur “INCLUDING OFFICE PHONE NUMBER 4. Business card / name card (if available) You are required to analyze the success story of the chosen entrepreneur. Your report should include the following: 1. The nature of the business 2. The history of the business 3. How the entrepreneur started off the business (e.g. recognition of opportunity, generation of idea, obtaining the contract etc.) 4. The challenges faced 5. Key to the success of the business 6. Your observations and recommendation for future improvement of the business. 7. Reference 8. Appendix (Questionnaire used+ notes taken during the interview conducted and the photograph you took with the entrepreneur) Note: Plagiarism should be avoided. Also, you must not engage in any form of dishonesty (e.g.: faking a non-existing entrepreneur), you will be required to re-do the assignment within a limited time. Due date: Week 9 ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Public Relation You have to come up with 2 public relations , First one has to be local , for an example Malaysia ans second one can be any other country COMM RESEARCH METHODS Follow up the picture uploaded This you have to find a topic related to public relation Example: crisis Management or corporate social responsibility . after that you will come up with 3 academic journals and follow the structure. After you have done the 3 journals ,Do a Research proposal with the same 3 article by following this steps Chapter one Introduction 3 to 4 line Research Objectives Research Questions Significance of study Theorical framework part 2 Literature review part 3 Research Methods 1 Methodology 2 sample/sampling 3 measurement

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