Essay topic – the buyer decision process

Academic Marketing Essay:

1. Ensure you have read the Instructions and Marking Guide before beginning or you will waste time.

2. This essay is to allow you to showcase your learning of marketing – in doing so ensure you employ and explain the unit language& concepts as well provide examples.

3. You only have 2000 words to cover your chosen mega-concept, either The buyer decision process or The total product concept (andsome of the related sub- concepts).

4. The e-book -The Marketing Conceptand the lecture slides should be focus of your initial research and effort- only after fully exploring the relevant material here should you put effort into researching elsewhere.( ie get the topic under control first before searching beyond the e-text.)

5. Those seeking higher marks (Distinctions and High Distinctions) need to not only utilise the e-book -The Marketing Conceptbut also research beyond this into various academic journal articles and texts.The e-book and around 5 other academic references (academic quality texts or journal articles) would start to raise the standard of depth required for higher grades (of course the number is not the only criteria and the references need to be relevant and used appropriately).

6. The first journal articles to explore would be those referred to in the sections of the e-book -The Marketing Conceptthat relate toyour chosen mega-concept and its sub-concepts. You can also explore the reference listing for the e-book -The Marketing Conceptincluded on Blackboard.

7. A list of ‘classic’ articles with actual pdfs of the articles is included on blackboard. The article listed by Heskett et al (1994) on ‘Putting the service- profit chain to work’ is essential reading.

8. Direct quotes, though not completely banned, should be minimised (ie very few within your work)- they should generally be confined to definitions where the specific wording is important. Paraphrasing is encouraged as this displays greater understanding.

9. Find, select, organise and reference information (it is not acceptable simply to write this essay ‘off the top of your head’).

10. Students should demonstrate the quality of their study through quality in-text and end-text referencing

11. Ensure that your referencing is in accordance with university guidelines.

12. Seek help from learning advisors and if possible attend Assignment Labs. (Note:learning advisors are there for specific help – they do not provide a proof reading service).

13. Proof read your work before submitting your report (it is good to get a ‘buddy’ to also do this for you).

14. Try to finish two days early – thus allowing you to finetune and thereby earn a higher grade.

15. Before submission print out the Ass 2 Instruction and Marking Guide and actually notionally mark your own work. After this, then make any necessary adjustments this uncovers.

How to reference the e-book:
End text reference is: Fanning, S. M. (2016), The Marketing Concept [Electronic handout]. Available from S. M. Fanning, School of Business, Edith Cowan University, Joondalup Drive, Joondalup, 6027, WA..

In text: (Fanning, 2016)

Task in 2000 words address the following essay topic:

The buyer decision process and The total product concept are two of the marketing mega-concepts from the theory section of this unit; select one of these two mega-concepts and explain it.

Often the most difficult part of an assignment is making afew early decisions so you can get started- let’s do that right now!

1. At this point the most likely mega-concept I will endeavour to relate to the essay topic statement is : (try to be as specific as you can)- pick one from either The buyer decision process or The total product concept.

2. Look in the e-text and in the lecture slides related to the mega-concept you have chosen- you will find there are various sub-concepts which relate to the mega- concept. List them below as you may choose to include some of them in your essay.

3. Now endeavour to think of some actual examples of either these mega-concept or sub-concepts you may include in your assignment. It may be the organisation where you work, a business you patronise as a consumer, an organisation you have recently researched, read about or admired; it may be one we explored in class.

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