Evaluate the potential impacts of the resurgence of naa

Question 1. How did VBC capture 65 percent market share for U.S. apple production with its ReTain product?

Question 2. How did VBC determine the Total Available Market (TAM) to generate the 65 percent market share estimate?

Question 3. How does VBC maintain such a high market share in the absence of unique IP?

Question 4. Evaluate the potential impacts of (a) the resurgence of NAA; and (b) the loss of OMRI endorse- ment of ReTain for use in organic production on the US apple market and assess the risks these pose to ReTain’s dominance in this market.

Question 5. Evaluate China and Europe as markets for ReTain. What would it take for VBC to tap these markets? How well-positioned is it to do so?

Question 6. Evaluate the attractiveness of the stone fruits markets (both in the U.S. and internationally), the pineapple market, and the almond market as potential markets for ReTain.

Question 7. What target marketing strategy is VBC using for ReTain? Is it single market concentration, selective specialization, product specialization, market specialization, or full market coverage? Evaluate the pros and cons of ReTain’s targeting strategy versus an alternative strategy.

Question 8. Evaluate VBC committing to basic R&D spending to determine new crops on which AVG might be effective. Is this a viable alternative?

Question 9. If you were Johan, what would you do to maximize the value of the ReTain product line? Prepare a coherent strategy that best capitalizes on the opportunities before Johan, given the resource constraints he faces.

Note: The case refers to Kotler and Keller Book, chapters on following issues:

Marketing issues in book chapter 1 and 2
Customer Value Proposition in book chapter 5, 7, 11 and 14
Brand Development in book chapter 9, 10,
Market Segmentation Theory, book chapter 8
Challenges of standardizing Marketing Mix across international and fruit markets. Book chapter 20
Portfolio planning for the 8 growth option, chapter 11 and 12

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