Explain the contextual influences on compensation practices.

Mgmt 365 Final Exam
Explain the contextual influences on compensation practices.
– Question 2
What are some of the issues companies should consider to increase the likelihood of successful repatriation?
Question 3
Identify and explain the contextual influences that will pose the greatest and least challenge to companies’ competitiveness.
Question 4
Define compensation and explain its relationship with competitive strategies.
Question 5
Describe the implications of compensation policies and strategic mandates.
Question 6
Explain and discuss some of the compensation issues to be addressed when dealing with the compensation of expatriates; and how you best maintain a competitive advantage.
Question 7
Explain the laws that guide discretionary employee benefits.
Question 8
The textbook discusses seven challenges facing compensation professionals. Discuss and explain what you consider the top four challenges.
Question 9
The textbook discusses several factors that influence a company’s choice of competitive strategies and compensation tactics. Discuss three factors.

Question 10
Discuss two possible unintended consequences of raising the salary threshold to qualify for overtime pay.

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