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The fundamental principle underlying finance is investment which majorly focuses on assets and liabilities as well as returns therein. Therefore, management of money is the backbone of finance concept. The major financial instruments include money, banking sector, investment practice and theory, credit, management of asset and liabilities. Finance can be divided into three major categories which are; public finance, personal finance and corporate finance. Social finance is another category which has been emerging recently in the finance sector.

Under the public finance sector, the major decisions of the government in regard to financial, matters are looked into in detail. Such key areas include tax systems, budget focusing on revenues and expenditures, government borrowing such as bond issuance, stabilization policies through fiscal and monetary policies as well as any other instrument therein. In a broader view, public finance involves management of money in a macro-economic perspective.

Under corporate finance, the key focus is on business units. The key issues range from how a business manages it assets and liabilities, all it revenues and debts. A business entity obtains financing through a variety of channels which could be through loan or arrangement of credit. It therefore requires some proper financial management in order to grow and make profits.

Under personal finance category, the crucial focus is on analysis of individual or household finance matters or finance position both in short and long term. It also involves coming up with a plan of satisfying those needs within the constraints of the individual levels of earnings, living requirements goals and needs. Such matters include but not limited to savings and investments, filing taxes, insurance covers, assessment of current financial flows,mortgages and retirement benefit plans. Lastly, is an upcoming sector of social finance focusing on social enterprises like charitable organizations and some form of cooperatives whom major objective is social gain.

Finance Paper -Financial Statement Analysis, Financial Planning and Forecasting, International finance management

Finance is primarily concerned with the study of managing money. It is also interested in understanding and explaining how needed funds are acquired. The three major sub-categories of finance are; public finance, corporate finance and personal finance. These corresponds to government entities, businesses and individuals. In order for a business to remain profitable and competitive, financial statement analysis is very important. The three major financial records that are used in financial statement analysis are; statement of cash flow, balance sheet as well income statement. This type of analysis involves trend analysis, common size analysis, percentage change financial statement analysis as well as benchmarking or industry analysis.Financial planning and forecasting is very important when it comes to managing a business. This is because it helps the business managers to predict the amount of money that a business may require in the future. Have you been wondering about where you can get professional assistance with writing finance statements? If yes, then you might be interested to hear that we are an online writing firm that is highly experienced in offering finance writing services. We assure you that we are committed to offering you top quality writing and editing services.

Another aspect of finance is the international finance management. This term means managing finances at an international business environment. This type of financial management is complicated as it involves different currencies and different monetary policies in different countries, different economic systems as well as different political situations. Why don’t you allow our experienced writers to offer you international finance management assignment writing help? We guarantee you that you shall not regret it as we are committed to offering fully satisfying writing assistance. One of the numerous advantages of hiring for our services is that we offer them at reasonably cheap prices. Moreover we treat all our clients’ information as confidential. It then goes without a word that we are the firm to make your order from whenever you feel that you need confidential finance assignment writing help. We also have a strict no-plagiarism policy that ensures that all our clients get 100% original work. You can therefore be assured that we write all our clients’ work from scratch and we do not under no circumstances resell it or post it online where other unauthorized parties can access it. Allow us to assist you in working on your finance assignment or research paper and we promise you that you shall be glad that you did it.

Finance Research Paper topics

  • Influence of privatization. Its impact on profitability and capital employment of state owned enterprises
  • Micro-finances, How to empower women through micro-finance
  • Stock Markets, Deep study on the effects of interest rates on the share price and share market
  • Changes in the risk assessment and decision making in business and industry
  • Risk management in the field of enterprise
  • Economic markets; Close study on the relationship between stock market development and economic growth in the country