GSK China Scandal: A Risky Business?


Before writing starting your paper, read “How To Read And Use A Case Study” posted in Course Content  ->  General Information.

Read the Following Case Study: GSK China Scandal: A Risky Business?(See attached)


All questions are to be attempted. Support your answers using scholarly and reliable non-scholarly sources! 

  1. Did GSK help create this corrupt environment? Is the company to blame for this scandal?
  2. Are local companies similarly targeted in China, or was GSK targeted because it was a foreign company?
  3. How did GSK respond to the allegations? Was its response professional from your point of view?
  4. How is GSK currently performing in China? What is the company’s future outlook in the country from your perspective?
  5. Is China becoming a less hospitable place for multinationals? Why or why not?
  6. What is your advice to the CEO of a multinational company that has recently decided to move to China? Your advice should be based on GSK’s experience and that of similar companies that have ventured into China.
  7. What laws should a multinational company refer to when operating internationally?

General instructions & Format

  1. Use UMUC’s library as much as possible for research in this assignment. Look for worldwide data, and not North American data; remember; this is a global business course!
  2. Only cite scholarly publications and reliable non-scholarly sources such as The Economist, Financial Times, WSJ, NYT, Bloomberg, Reuters, Money, Forbes, and Fortune. Reliable non-scholarly sources may yield articles which are more useful for practitioners. Websites like Wikipedia,, QuickMBA and NetMBA are unacceptable for graduate level work.
  3. Your analysis should be supported by a minimum of three scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles, and a minimum of three reliable non-scholarly sources. You should also use the required readings from this week to support your analysis where appropriate.
  4. Your analysis should be written in an academic paper format; not a question and answer format.
  5. Please include the following: A half page Introduction,and a half page Lessons Learned & Conclusion at the end of your report. Use section headings to organize your paper. An Executive Summary is not 
  6. All questions are to be attempted. Do not restate the information from the case study; go beyond the included information; analyze and draw your own conclusions!
  7. Your report should be approximately 8 pages long, with one inch margins, 12-point font, double-spacing, and should be posted as a Word document. The cover page, references, and appendices, if any, are not part of the page count. All graphics and tables, if any, should be placed in an appendix.
  8. Use the APA format for in-text citations and the reference list.



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