Project Rationale The Ipso Appear Program has been conceptualized for the purpose of reaching out to the local student council and sharing the advocacy on education which in embodied in the said project. The Central Student Council will serve as the supervising body of the Ipso Appear Program and help the colleges/faculties start this council scholarship for students performing well in academics, but are experiencing financial difficulties. This is open to all students of the college/faculty/institution.Since not everyone is privileged to obtain a scholarship from the university. This project aims to reach out to exemplary students; serving as an avenue to inculcate the Thomas value of compassion in the student community. The Trust Fund is whatever is left from the collected money; it will automatically be allocated called as the “Trust Fund” of the Ipso Appear Program which has two purposes.

First, this will be the starting money for the next semester of the project.

Second, the excess donations will be used to support the PISTIL pledge program of the Peccaries De Santos Thomas.V. Project Objectives This project aims: To inculcate the Thomas value of compassion within the NAME OF YOUR COLLEGE/FACULTY; TO promote the importance Of education in nation building and an “Optimized Financial Stability and Transparency’ for the academic year 2014-2015; To create an avenue for the student body in caching out to their fellow Dominants in need of financial aid; To provide financial assistance to the chosen students who would study in the university.VI. Project Description MECHANICS: 1) The President of the (name of your local student council) will meet with the Central Board and the Central Student Council to discuss the project, its purpose, objectives and process; 2) After the meeting the President and its Executive Board will meet with the legislative body of the college/faculty/institution to discuss the Ipso Appear Program. 3) A contract/pledge will be created containing the following details: a.

The presentation of the Ipso Appear Program must be discussed only by the Central Student Council Treasurer (Officer-in-charge), the Executive Chief of the SC-Treasurer or the Director of the Finance Committee to promote the uniformity of the mechanics of the project. B. The system of collection which will be selected and discussed upon by the Executive Board and the Legislative body. C. A semesters report (information of the scholar, total collected money, breakdown of expenses, etc. ) must be submitted to the Central Student Council and to the Dean’s office for transparency and accountability. D.

The presentation of the scholar/s to their college/faculty, the Central Student Council and the Thomas community is REQUIRED. E. There must be continuity’ of the project to the next set of elected officers. F. The Ipso Appear Program will be monitored by the Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer of their respective college/faculty. 4) Collection Process: There will be two kinds of collection. SEMESTERS or MONTHLY MONTHLY = Each student will donate a total of pH.

20. 00 per month. The first collection will be from the month of July until October for the first semester and from January to May for the second semester.

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