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History looks into the past chronology of events of a nation and its people. For the case of America and its people, there is a range of functions, some documented and others undocumented that defines its history. America is majorly a nation of immigrants mainly from Europe who colonized it in 16th centuries. After the Revolutionary war of 1775, the United States of America was born because the American colonists were displeased with British policies. With this new found freedom, a series of activities especially regarding establishment of a constitution, Bill of rights and government led by George Washington followed. Industrialization in the 19th century was a significant boost to the growth and development of the newly found nation. In the wake of 1861, the emergence of the American Civil war shaped the history of America as some states in the South broke away from the United States.

The American economy and political latitude continued to expand and became more magnanimous during the first and the Second World War. It was at this time that America became a superpower. In the whole period, America experienced boom but later the Great Depression which had a more significant repercussion to the economy. The Cold war worsened the situation. Recession trickled in with great indications of industrial weakening. At the same time, there were higher cries for rights by the Black Americans and women.  However, in the wake of 1980’s, the change of leadership and improved foreign policies saw America back on track.

Despite the various hurdles experienced in the past, the USA as a nation has continued to grow and prosper as a model democratic nation shaped by its historical experiences. Therefore, the history of any nation is a source of great lessons where it can learn from its mistakes and improve in its current state of affairs.

History Essay

History is a broad branch of knowledge dealing with the analysis and study of past events of a particular group of people, community, a country or an individual. It is an interesting art that helps us to understand different phenomena that occurred and shaped our way of life. Additionally, it helps the new generation to interact with the old generations and to appreciate their culture and ideas. History is, thus, an important subject that is thought to students across all academic levels. Therefore, if you are studying history, you will be required to write a lot of history assignments which includes history essays, term papers, coursework papers and research papers.  These papers are very important as they help the students to develop their writing, analyzing, researching, and reporting skills. Moreover, the students have an opportunity to comprehensively understand a particular historical event that occurred and how it impacted the society. The students are, therefore, expected to submit well-argued essays that will impress the examiners.  However, the process of writing a history essay is not easy and a lot of students face challenges while writing the papers hence it is common to find students online looking for urgent history essay writing help.

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