You will not be spending all your life in college so you should not be too cozy in the environment. Always be alert; think about what you should do to plan for your life after college. How you want it to be, and how to make the best of it. The planning should start from when you join campus to the end.
 Decide what career you want.
This should be done immediately you join college. Choose what career you want and ask yourself if you will be okay working in the job every day of your life, whether it will be able to sustain you and your future dependents:
• If the answer is no, then the career you want co choose is not right for you
• If yes, then move to the next step of studying the requirements of the job: the certification needed, salaries etcetera. You can get all this from the labor statistics website.

 Work towards your choice career
Every class, action or activity you get involved in should be directed toward achieving your career goal. Take only the class combinations that will make you marketable in the field. Ensure you get good grades so that you can stand out from competition in future. After all, grades are the first thing employers use to eliminate people.
 Avoid student loans if you can.
The loans are very appealing if you look at them from the outside, but have a way of messing you up in future. They have steep interest rates that will leave you paying the debt half of your lifetime. Before you take them, think about what the career you are specializing in is going to give you in terms of salary. Ask yourself if you will be able to survive with whatever is left after the loan deductions. If you can’t, stay away from the loans. Instead look for aid you will not be required to pay. For example bursaries, scholarships and work-study jobs in your school.
 Network.
Make a point of looking up events, seminars or workshops related to your field of work. This will give you a chance to interact and talk with people who are already in the field. That way you will gain relevant information of the field and create a connection with the people in the field. These links will come in handy when you are looking for jobs.

 Look for internships.
Whether paid or not, internships will give you skills that will be crucial when looking for a job. Some companies will even offer you direct employment after you have interned with them because they know that your internship with them has equipped you with the exact skills needed for their firm
Planning for your future means being actively involved in activities that will guarantee a bright future; A good job, a good salary and most of all a happy, stress-free life. Take an active part in planning how your future is going to be.

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