Is the mineral zi… Show more Propose an experiment and sug

Is the mineral zi… Show more Propose an experiment and suggest a control treatment for the following questions: Is the mineral zinc effective as a possible emergency treatment for deadly Australian box jellyfish stings? Experiment: Control: Does the fear of being attacked by predators have a negative impact on reproduction in nesting birds? Experiment: Control: 5. A recent study of 59,806 Caucasian women reports that women who take aspirin for 5 or more years are 30% less likely to develop melanoma than women who do not use aspirin. List other variables that would be important to control in this study (i.e., controlled variables). 6. A study of the effects of vitamin D in the body has shown that persons with lower levels of vitamin D are more likely to have chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, colds and flu. Can you conlcude that vitamin D prevents these chronic diseases? What other possible explanations for this correlation can you suggest? 7. What is the essential feature of science that makes it different from other ways of understanding the natural world? • Show less

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