Key components of database design

Recall the Y2K bug or the quote “640K [of memory] ought to be enough for anybody” misattributed to Bill Gates.

In 300-500 words describe What lessons can one learn from these examples when it comes to database creation?

One of the key components of database design is determination of size and accommodation for growth. As you think about applications you have worked with, consider how often new records are created within patient admissions or patient charting. If you had to estimate how many new patient admission records are created within your organization in a month, could you predict that accurately and take into account factors for growth and additional data elements that may be required?

What about applications that currently store images, and may require more image storage in the future as technology advances? (Hi resolution images require a great deal of storage capacity) How vital is it that your database design accommodate not only increases in record count, but also increases in record complexity?

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