Law Case Assignment

Case Laws

These are set of past rulings that were made by judges concerning a particular matter. Case laws are important since they are used as reference material to guide in making judgment partaining near similar case. Although the judge does not use the entire ruling case, some of the articles are used to guide in solving the problem. A court is guided by insight of other professionals in arriving at a conclusion. Single handedly delivered judgment is biased and can be questioned by the relevant bodies. Before writing any ruling, the judges are advised to consult internally for evidence and also measure the weight of the case based on international standards. This is done by referring to similar cases all over the world.

The different roles of common and civil laws creates a huge difference in the manner in which the court delivers the judgment. With the common law, legal rationale is explained with quotations and citations from legal perspectives. Previous relevant judgments are also quoted to boost the evidence of inclining on a certain point of decision. It is through common law court that the exegesis of legal principles are made known to the public. On the other hand, civil law aims to keep everything clear so that it becomes difficult to apply previous decisions in the future judgment.

Any court may choose to distinguish itself by arriving at different conclusion which is different from the preceding judgment. The court is not bound to utilize some previous decision since the case could be different. However, case laws are important and plays a vital role in establishing the best route to take when making court decision. It is worth to remember that you cannot entirely rely on case laws. You need some level of independence and only use them as a guideline.

Law Case Assignment

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