Letter of Reconsideration

Being an ordinary student, am also intimidated by others. Looking at their results, I also wish was in their state. From the visions and values taught by our school, I never thought of giving up even though others told me to do so. Not passing my preferred course which is B. S. In Tourism taught me to try different path and it doesn’t mean that I can’t take or choose other courses that are being referred to me but, to learn from my mistakes and to believe in second chances.

Am willing to take any chances just to follow my chosen course B.S. In Speech-Language Pathology. Choose B. S. In Speech-Language Pathology because would like to help people who are having communication disorders I think being able to help and assist them will make me feel happy knowing that I can help people who are in need. Applying for this course entitles a lot of respect for others, self- discipline and strong concentration for my future patients and so I have this thinking that JUST will be able to teach me things required for being a Pathologist.

-6 years from now I see myself happy because I love what I do, I love my job and being able to see my patients smile and recuperate with their disorders. I might be working here in the Philippines or in the other country, wherever God leads me to. Ever since my childhood days, it was my dream to enter University of Sot. Thomas, following my steps as a consistent catholic student.If ever I may be considered, I would be proud and grateful. I will show my talents to bring honor to my alma mater as well as being faithful to my future fellow Dominants. I am hoping that you will consider and grant my dream to be a Thomas.

Bill Carlson

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Reflective Report

Fri Jan 3 , 2020
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