Movie Review


Watch one of the movies listed below, or other appropriate, approved movie of your choosing,

and write a three- to four-page response to the movie.  (Do not summarize the movie.)  Answer all parts of the

assignment as completely as possible and support your answers with examples.  Please use 12-point font,

double space, and staple all papers together.

My Left Foot

Diving Bell & the Butterfly


Children of a Lesser God

Rain Man

The King’s Speech

The Theory of Everything


Describe in detail the communication disorder portrayed by the actor.  Include what is known about the

cause of the disorder and how it affects aspects of communication (e.g., speech, language, voice, hearing).

Cite examples in the movie of the characteristics associated with this disorder.


Discuss the social, emotional, and physical issues the character and family/friends must address living and

coping with this communication disorder.


Discuss how this communication disorder affects, both positively and negatively, the character’s life.


Discuss what the character’s future might hold in light of his/her communication disorder.


Briefly discuss the character’s (and/or family’s) interactions with health professionals.


Based on this character’s positive and negative experiences, discuss the kinds of things professionals and

community members should keep in mind when interacting with persons with this (or other)

communication disorder and their families

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