Multi-Attribute Model and Conjoint Analysis Exercise

 Multi-Attribute Model and Conjoint Analysis Exercise



Students will be provided an analysis of the technical attributes and characteristics of a digital camera and a laptop computer.


Modified factorial design of product attributes, with three (3) attributes, at two (2) levels apiece (or 8 combinations):


Laptop Utility Function:

Uj = 1 + 4 * Processor + 2 *Screen Size + 1*Memory


Digital Camera Utility Function:

Uj = 1 + 5* Pixel + 3 *Zoom + 2*Video Quality




Submit a short report


  1. Analyze the combinations of attributes, and calculations of part-worth for each attribute, in a brief statement.


  1. Then provide insight into:(a) utilization of the results for forecasting utility of new product forms; and (b) utilization of the results for strategy of marketing materials.


  1. In addition, generate ideas of, and briefly state, two (2) pieces of tactical marketing material of your choice and provide reasoning behind the strategic positioning behind each.







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