Proposal 1. The Chinese economy growth has engaged in the process of developing the world’s economy and environment

The Chinese economy growth has engaged in the process of developing the world’s economy and environment by the internationalization of its economy. The process of internationalization has been crucial in ensuring that China’s growth influences the global economy. Today, the Chinese economy is growing a rate of 7.7 per cent, which is one of the largest growth potential across the world. After experiencing the economic growth, China has formed various trading agreements with developing and developed nations. Economically, China has performed well across the world in engaging in fruitful trade activities. Alongside the economic success, China’s urbanization has lead to global environmental concern. In order to counter the environmental effects of economic growth, China has also invested largely in green energy. Most importantly, the Chinese leadership has highlighted various reforms towards dealing with environmental sphere. Therefore, Chinese economy growth supports the model of developing the world’s economy and environment.
The Chinese economy has been critical in creating a balance between the environment, economy, and society. Recently, the Chinese government has undertaken several measures to improve sustainability awareness. These include policies, technological solutions and awareness campaigns. The major sustainability concerns are attributed to the increased carbon emissions and excessive usage of non-renewable sources of energy. Thus, the future of the Chinese economy is dependent on the ability of the government to provide sustainability. Most importantly, the Chinese government has enacted measures to enhance environmental preservation and protection. Environment is one of the key issues in the political agenda. The government is developing a stricter environmental standard to enhance the effective management of water and non fossil fuels in the country. The Chinese economy is also seeking renewable sources of energy to promote sustainability. As a result, the Chinese government understands that global sustainability is dependent on their environmental measures and sustainability approaches.

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