PSY 315 Week 3 Discussion Questions

PSY 315 Week 3 Discussion Questions

PSY 315 Week 3 DQ

Watch the “Statistics: Z-Score Table” segment of the “Probability Distributions for Continuous Random Variables” video.

1. What does a Z score tell you?

2. What does it mean if the Z score has a negative sign?

Watch Segment 2, “Statistics: Probability and Prediction,” of the “Inferential statistics” video, located in this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings.

3. When do you need to set a very low (smaller) level of chance in research?

Watch the “Hypotheses: Null Hypothesis, Alternative Hypothesis, Two-Tailed Hypothesis” segment of the “Introduction to Designing Experiments” video.

4. What is a random sample? Provide an example.

5. Explain the eight characteristics of a normal distribution.

6. Explain why converting raw scores to z scores is helpful in understanding data.

7. Explain the concept of a sampling distribution.

8. Identify three characteristics of the sampling distribution of the sample mean.

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