PSYCH2237 Module 1 Discussion Board

PSYCH2237 Module 1 Discussion Board

As noted in the textbook, there maybe many unnecessary interventions which occur during birth that can be particularly harmful to mothers and babies. You probably also

read about high numbers of non-emergency cesarean sections. What can be done to ensure that all babies are born without interventions, unless absolutely necessary?

Non-emergency scheduled births are very common at some hospitals. In fact, Illinois has a rate of 7.2% for early elective deliveries (as of the beginning of this

year). But compare this number to Florida, with a rate of 18.2%! Some hospitals are fighting back. Please refer to the following websites:”>

Here is some information that the hospital provided regarding the change to their policies:”>
Your task for this discussion is to:

Describe what is most troublesome and/or helpful about the hospital policy change (think of at least two; one can what is troubling and one can be most helpful; or you

can pick two that are most troublesome or two that are most helpful). Be sure to integrate information from both the news article and what the hospital posted on their

website. (4 points)
Explain whether you think this policy is helpful or harmful to mothers and babies. Specifically, think about whether this policy takes away a woman’s right to choose

what to do with her body. Or do you think that the consequences of choosing to induce a non-emergency birth outweigh a woman’s decision to choose the day her baby will

be delivered? Be sure to integrate information from both the news article and what the hospital posted on their website. (8 points)
Provide citations during your post and a list of references used (at the bottom of your post). You need at least 1 reference (not a website). Failure to include

citations and references will result in a 7.5 point reduction.
Do not use quotations in your discussion post or write word for word from your sources. Write in your own words!
Write the facts or mention what an author has to say and then provide a citation. For instance, do not write: “In the article, x, y, and z was said…” but instead write

something like “Author (XXXX) explained that x relates to y.”
After you post your discussion:

Pick a classmate who has already posted and that no one has responded to yet (NOTE: No more than 2 people can respond to one post. Failure to abide by this requirement

will result in zero points for your response to the classmate. However, feel free after the due date to respond to someone’s post).
Respond to the classmate’s response using complete sentences and focusing on the similarities and/or differences between your post and theirs.
Your response should be no less than one paragraph and no more than two paragraphs.
The response is worth a maximum of 5 points.

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