Financial Plan
Prepared for Catherine Parker
August 2017
Prepared by , Certified Financial Planner

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Table of Contents
1. Personal Profile
2. Objectives and Needs
3. Net Worth
4. Cash Flow
5. Investment Planning
6. Planning for Major Purchases & Debt Reduction
7. Tax Planning
8. Insurance Planning
9. Retirement Planning
10. Estate Planning
11. Summary

Personal Profile
First name Catherine
Last name Parker
Age: 71
SIN: 123-456-789
Annuitant ID: A77-439-R
Product Type : RPP
Gross Monthly $201.70
Payment Commences on Date January 1st immediately you turn 85
Federal Tax $0.00
Provisional Tax $0.00
Deductions $0.00
Net $201.70
Indexed No
Marital Status : Widowed
Employer: Retired
Occupation: Pharmaceutical plant
Entitlement 100% unless subject to change
Guaranteed Period 15 years
Total Income Gained $89,903.40
Risk Profile and the recommendations on how to curb the risks involved
Catherine taking into consideration most of your assets does not meet your investor profile of a balanced where by 10% is in cash,40% in fixed income,20% in Canadian equity,20% in US equity, and 10% in international equity.
For you to meet your objectives, needs and risk tolerance I will suggest that you rebalance your non-registered portfolio, RSP portfolio, LIF portfolio, and TFSA portfolio.
Equally for the TD shares REITs in a tangible form and the fact that they were owned by your husband while he was alive advice that you keep them as they are as if or not you sell them or keep them it will not in any way tamper with your retirement plan.
Catherine in respect to your age (71 years), Then it is advisable that come this December you need to change your RSP into RIF since you already have a RIF it will simplify your assets so that you can move over your RSP to your existing RIF so as you start drawing down the registered savings
Objectives and needs
I have gone through your goals and I was able to draw the following from the last appointment:
1. Also you want to be able have enough income to sustain your lifestyle and have available resources when you can no longer maintain yourself. Since you are currently in good health and expect to live until your 95. You also want to be able to continue travelling on a regular basis; however, you do expect the travel cost to go down by 50% in years. The costs of all this is expected to be $10,000 per year to maintain your current home, $35,000 per year for travel (which will go down by 50% in 10 years), and $40,000 for your lifestyle. All these figures are assuming 2.5% as well.
2. You want to leave an inheritance to your three nieces; Sarah, Megan and Jenny: Catherine you have clearly indicated that you want $500,000 to go to Sarah, $100,000 to go to Megan, and $50,000 to go to Jenny with the remaining assets to be divided up amongst 4 charities, that is, Local hospital, children arts, animal shelter, and medical research. You want to leave an inheritance or donation to charity equity to; local hospital, children arts, animal shelter and medical research.
3. Sell the rental properties and stay in your current home. This is one of your primary goals as you want to enjoy your community, area and your house
• Sell rental properties over the course of 3 years to reduce tax liability
• Consider purchasing Life insurance to cover estate taxes on death
• Convert your RSP to a RIF: Catherine since you are 71 so this December you must convert the RSP into a RIF, because you already have a RIF to simplify your assets you can move over your RSP to your existing RIF and start drawing down the registered savings
• Stay in current home.
• Setting up a trust: to achieve this I recommend we consider setting up a living or Intro-vivos Trust as this will help you to;
a. achieve is to transfer your assets that you do not currently need for your retirement and lifestyle and be transferred to the Trust to help you achieve your estate needs.
b. save on probate and taxes right now as it is considered separate for tax reasons
c. Provide more privacy as assets in the Trust are not disclosed when you pass away as well.
d. It will help give you more control of your assets after you pass away and ensure your wishes are respected.
• Purchase long term care insurance
• Update your Will with an Estate Lawyer: Catherine, you have indicated your Will has not been updated for 30 years will recommend that you update it so that your financial will is respected.
Letter of engagement
This letter is meant to give you as a client a better understanding of what to expect from the financial planning process and our respective obligations are within the process. Concerning your various financial strategies that you provided to run your goals, am obliged to make some assumptions. For instance, since you are enjoying a good health with a 2.5% inflation, balanced investor 10% cash, fixed income of 40%, 20% Canadian equity, 20% U.S. equity, and 10% international equity. Any assumptions that I have made are both reasonable and timely. In addition, note I am a financial planner and not an accountant or a lawyer, as such I can only provide general advice regarding tax planning and estate planning. I would recommend that we review this plan with your accountant and lawyer for implications and review for specific legal and tax advice. All these will be explained fully to you in writing in this financial plan.
Since I have gone through your financial situation, I shall prepare a financial plan for you to review. However, as I shall be discussing this financial plan with you, I will also explain it to you so that you will understand the merits and demerits of various alternatives, consequences of no action taken, time sensitivity of recommendations, risks involved in the various alternatives and above all the effect of change in the assumptions on the given outcome.
I am obliged to declare any interest that may deter me from offering disinterested advice. I am unaware of and current conflicts of interest and in case should there be any conflicts to appear in future, I promise to bring them to your attention as soon as possible.
Alongside these, I am bound by professional secrecy in that I will not disclose any of your confidential information without your written consent unless required to do so by law. I will not use any client`s information for personal gain, regardless of whether or not it actually causes the client any plight. A comprehensive financial plan is dynamic. Thus for the plan to be successful it is the responsibility of the client to advise the planner of any material changes to your profile and financial situation in a timely manner as they will impact the success of the financial plan.
We look forward to a long –lasting mutually beneficial professional relationship.
Sign Date
Justin Clark, _______________________
Certified Financial Planner _______________________
I have read, understood and accepted the terms as outlined in this engagement letter
Catherine Parker ______________________

Net worth
This summary record shows how your financial status is at a given time. It encompasses a list of all your belongings and even loans.
In other words, a net worth simply means how much you will be left with if you sold all your assets and have no debt to any party or individual.
Analysis based on your net assets
From the appointment that we had, I was able to draw the following data;
1. Lifestyle assets this is a collection of your home of residence, vacation homes and collectibles.
2. Non-Registered assets I was able to note that you had stocks, bonds, mutual funds and cash.
3. Registered assets that is; registered and locked in-retirement plans such as RRSPs, PRIFs, LIFs, LRIFs and TFSAS
4. The liabilities that you talked about were as follows; mortgages, loans, credit cards, and individual lines of credits.
5. Cash flow surplus this simply means the amount of extra funds from your cash flow statement. That is, income that you did not spend and may be a representative of checking your account, for example as of 14/08/2017 your net worth was as shown in the table.

Non Registered Investments
Deposits, T-Bills, GICs, 141,067
Investment portfolios 948,676
Registered Investments
RRSPs/Spousal RRSPs 744913
TFSA 10453
RRIFs 285,485
LIFs/LIRAs/LRIFs 257,126
Lifestyle Assets (residences, etc.) 3,150,000
Life Insurance Cash Value 5,752

The RRIF Annuity Statement
Ms. Catherine Parker,
123 Main Street,
Victoria, BCV1V1Y1
Note that this report is based as of 31 December of Prior year Account Number 8745687
Registered Retirement Income Fund Policy
In payment of a single premium of $285, 485, The Company pays annuity as described:
Policy No: 8745687
Branch: Victoria Downtown
Annuitant: Catherine Parker
Beneficiary: Estate
Annuity: Annuity payable per year is provided,
Income Starts: At the age of 64
Income Ends: At the age of 75
Fund Accumulation percentage: 9% fixed term
Qualifying: No
Cash Flow
Cash flow is a report, which shows your current sources of income and expenses. But in regard to the context of this plan your income comprises of; employment income, investment income and any other sources.
Current surplus shows any other excess cash available or a shortfall at the end of the current year once all the investments have been accounted for.
Ending surplus this is the final surplus or deficit at the end of the current year after adjustments to or from other family members. The family’s ending surplus or deficit is the sum of the individual family member’s ending surpluses or deficits.

Cash inflows
Investment inflows $47,645
Pension inflows $142,060
Received capital $ 1,109,167
Total cash inflows $1,298,872
Cash outflows
Lifestyle expenses $100,265
Taxes $46,372
Miscellaneous expenses $27,207
Non-Registered Contributions and Reinvestments $1,125,027
Total cash outflows $1,298,872
Current surplus 0
Ending surplus 0
Investment Plan
Investment diversification is the most suitable way to maximize investment return based on your risk tolerance. Dividing your investment assets among various categories like bonds and equities will help minimize fluctuations in the development of the investment. With a well-diversified portfolio that comprises of these asset classes, you are able to participate in the gains of the best profitable assets while being cushioned from decline in others.
Achieving a balance among the various between investment options is paramount in any profit-making portfolio. For every investment variety, it provides the investor with various attributes. Cash offers income, protection for any risks and emergencies, liquidity and the sources to purchase longer-term investments in case a chance comes. Bonds or GICs do offer stable income and some in cases, capital appreciation. Equities generally offer growth in capital and the potential for dividend income, however at times they are more volatile. A diversified portfolio helps ensure that a decline in one asset class offset by growth in another, this helps to reduce risk and smooth out returns over the longer term. In achieving the right balance, you will have to be dependent on a numbers of factors like your risk tolerance, investment objective and the time remaining to meet your financial objectives.

Your personal investor profile
Retirement goal
Pre-Retirement Goal
Concerning your current financial situation, we consider you a balanced investor. For a balanced portfolio, it provides a complimentary mix of equities and fixed income assets. More than half of the portfolio you have invested is in fixed income and cash equivalents designed to provide income.
The primary goal of a balanced portfolio is long-term returns from capital appreciation enhanced by the reinvestment of the income.
Balanced Asset Mix Ranges
Asset Class Min. Benchmark Max
Cash 0.0 5.0 15.0
Fixed Income-Canadian 10.0 30.0 50.0
Fixed Income-Global 0.0 10.0 20.0
Total fixed Income Assets 20.0 40.0 60.0
Total Cash and Fixed Income Assets 30.0 45.0 60.0
Equities –Canadian 10.0 20.0 30.0
Equities-United States 10.0 20.0 30.0
Equities –International 5.0 15.0 25.0
Total Equity Assets 40.0 55.0 70.0

According to our evaluation of your status and as we have from before is that we consider you to be a Balanced Investor. A balanced portfolio provides a complementary mix of equities and fixed income assets. More than half of your portfolio is currently invested in diversified mix of Canadian, U.S and International equities.
More chief purpose of a balanced portfolio is long-term returns from capital appreciation which equally enhanced by reinvestment of income
The investment mix guideline for a balanced Investor profile is as follows
Balanced Assets Mix Ranges
Asset Class Min. Benchmark Max.
Cash 0 5.0 15.0
Fixed income Canadian 10.0 30.0 50.0
Fixed Income Global 0.0 10.0 20.0
Total fixed income possession 20.0 40.0 60.0
Total cash And Fixed Income possession 30.0 45.0 60.0
Equities –Canadian 10.0 20.0 30.0
Equities –United States 10.0 20.0 30.0
Equities-International 5.0 15.0 25.0
Total Equity possession 40.0 55.0 70.0

Catherine you retired from wok at the age of 65in the year 2011.
Concerning your retirement income goal it is like your current saving strategies and retirement capital may provide you the potentiality to cover 127% of your planned retirement expenses.
Attainable Retirement Expenses
Retire at the age of 65
Commences as from 31 December of Prior year
Account Number 87347456-9
These are the details on how your new Payment will look like
Gross Annual: $48,540
Gross monthly: $4,405
Deductions: $ 0.00
Indexed: 100% to CPI

Income tax

RSPP deducts tax from your pension payments based on your TD1 claim amount at CRA tax formula
Financial Objectives Current Proposed
CATHERINE’s Retirement Age/Year 65/2011 65/2011
CATHERINE’s Life Expectancy 95/2041 95/2041
Annual Needs at Retirement, in today’s dollars $100,265 $100,265
Inflation Rate 2.50% 2.50%

Retirement Income
The following table details the key assumptions used in the generation of this scenario
Desired Fixed Expenses Covered 100%
Desired Discretionary Expenses Covered 100%
Annual Inflation rate 2.50%
Investment Objective (ROR) pre-retirement Balanced (5.85%)
Investment Objective(ROR) retirement Balanced (5.85%)
Current Monthly Savings
Non-Registered $51,425
RPP* 0%
DPSP* 0%
Additional Monthly Savings(Indexed at 0.00% starting September 1,2017)
Non-Registered $0
*Includes employer contributions, if applicable

Consider the following:
• If after taxation, it happens that the cash inflow is higher than your needs, you may enjoy the chance to spend more in retirement.
• Retirement is often the financial desire that come into ones’ mind. Thus we are obliged to ensure that your pensions, Old Age Security and savings provide a comfortable retirement
Proposed Retirement Income and Expenses

Pensions Annuity
Income Earned Income Minimums TFSA
Distributions Non-registered
Distributions Additional
Distributions Other
Inflows Previous Year Surplus Used Fixed
Needs Total
Needs Total Taxes Annual Income
Surplus(Deficit)s Total
Taxes Annual
2017 71 17,046 48,540 0 0 27,131 0 1,129,257 49,344 27,207 0 146,593 1,298,524 46,328 0
72 17,431 49,754 34,890 0 52,603 0 715,365 0 0 0 163,341 856,536 60,570 13,507
2019 73 17,820 50,997 34,890 0 54,015 0 759,776 0 0 0 173,932 904,302 68,591 13,197
2020 74 18,228s 52,272 34,890 0 55,469 0 164,505 0 0 0 185,083 312,473 77,109 12,891
2021 75 18,647 53,579 34,890 0 56,955 0 172,483 0 0 0 176,613 310,181 79,737 26,374
2022 76 19,113 54,919 34,890 0 58,462 0 180,848 0 0 0 321,821 82,478 26,411
2023 77 19,590 56,292 34,890 0 59,976 0 189,619 0 0 0 181,776 333,942 85,325 26,425
2024 78 20,080 57,699 34,890 0 61,684 0 208,457 0 0 0 187,105 346,605 88,322 26,562
2025 79 20,582 59,141 34,890 0 63,255 0 218,566 0 0 0 198,339 359,763 91,405 26,562
2026 80 21,097 60,620 34,890 0 64,977 0 229,166 0 0 0 204,247 373,500 94,641 26,650
2027 81 21,624 62,135 34,890 0 66,715 0 240,280 0 0 0 210,351 387,813 98,004 26,718
2028 82 22,165 63,689 34,890 0 68,437 0 51,933 0 0 0 216,651 402,719 101,496 26,741
2029 83 22,719 65,281 34,890 0 70,299 0 264,151 0 0 0 223,189 418,281 105,154 26,841
2030 84 23,287 66,913 34,890 0 72,147 0 276,962 0 0 0 229,938 434,492 108,953 26,896
2031 85 23,869 68,586 34,890 0 74,018 0 290,394 0 0 0 236,916 451,390 112,907 26,935
2032 86 24,466 70,300 34,890 0 76,019 0 304,477 0 0 0 244,155 469,030 117,045 27,039
2033 87 25,078 72,058 34,890 0 77,954 0 319,243 0 0 0 251,620 487,401 121,333 27,055
2034 88 25,704 73,859 34,890 0 79,974 0 334,726 0 0 0 259,355 506,571 125,810 27,100
2035 89 26,347 75,706 34,890 0 82,079 0 350,959 0 0 0 267,369 526,574 130,486 27,174
2036 90 27,006 77,598 34,890 0 84,212 0 367,980 0 0 0 275,660 547,436 135,355 27,230
2037 91 27,681 79,538 34,890 0 86,326 0 385,826 0 0 0 284,229 569,186 140,416 27,230
2038 92 28,373 81,527 34,890 0 88,484 0 404,538 0 0 0 293,101 591,877 145,692 27,223
2039 93 29,082 83,565 34,890 0 90,690 0 424,157 0 0 0 302,287 615,553 151,194 27,211
2040 94 29,809 85,654 34890 0 92,964 0 424,157 0 0 0 311,806 640,265 156,935 27,210 27,210
2041 95 33,054 87,796 34,890 0 95,138 41,887 12,017,840 437,801 2,000 0 141,410,987 141,
987 1,252,244 11,339,420 11,393,420

Estate planning is the process by which documents are developed, implemented and the measures put in place to ensure the distribution of your property during your lifetime and consequently after your death concerning your goals and desires.

Estate Analysis
We have analyzed your plan from 2017 to 2042 to estimate the amount of estate shrinkage you are likely to face on death in each of these years. The average estate loss you will face is $912,841, with the largest estate shrinkage ($1,084,854) occurring in 2041. As stated earlier, insurance proceeds will affect your Net Estate and may help to offset estate shrinkage.

Consider the following
Without taking into consideration the size of an estate, everyone should have a will, durable power of attorney, living will, and health care proxy.
Estate planning mechanisms can minimize or reduce the taxes and fees that may have to be cashed out upon your death.
Action Plan
Below is a report showing the actions as proposed by the needs analysis based on the strategies
proposed in the previous sections of this report.
However, remember your financial situation and assumptions are likely to change over time.

Goal Actions Due date
Retirement Goal Retirement is fully funded. Convert RSP to RIF. Set up Long term Care insurance
Review Life insurance with Licensed
Insurance agent

Net Worth I want to second that you have enough to leave behind that is providing an inheritance of $500,000 to your niece Sarah, $100,000 to your niece Megan and $50,000 to your niece Jenny. Your net worth at time of death after your nieces get their inheritance would leave a significant amount to the local hospital, children’s art shelter, and for medical research.
Your current net worth has over half in real estate. I advise that you a start the process of selling the rental properties. To reduce the tax liability I would recommend you do not sell the properties all at once, but sell them over the course of at least 3 years, with each year you sell one of the properties.
Cash flow Catherine, your current cash flow is very good and you spend much less then what you bring in. Your expenses include $10,000 for maintaining your current home, $35,000 for travel (however in the plan we assume it drops to 50% in 10 years), $40,000 for lifestyle, and another $25,265 for the ongoing costs of having the rental properties. Your income includes the CPP benefits of $10,100, OAS, RIF, Registered Retirement Annuity, your husband’s employer pension, and
investment returns from your assets
Investment Plan You have many assets that do not match your investor profile of a balanced investor in which 10% is in cash, 40% in fixed income, 20% in Canadian equity, 20% in U.S. equity, and 10% in international equity. In order to ensure that you are meeting your goals and risk tolerance I would recommend re-balancing your non-registered portfolio, RSP portfolio, LIF portfolio and TFSA portfolio. You also have TD shares and REITs as well in physical share form. Because they have such a sentimental value as they were owned by your husband while he was alive I would recommend you keep them as they are as whether or not you sell them or keep them it will not adversely affect your retirement plan.
You have a significant amount in your chequing account at $141,967 and a GIC for $412,920. Given how all your income needs are met and then some you do not need that much in liquid assets, I would recommend keeping 3 months ‘worth of expenses in your chequing account and the remainder and your GIC can be in your non-registered investment account allocated towards a balanced profile.
Income Tax Significant capital gains taxes upon sale of rental properties.
Consider selling properties over the course of 3 years to spread liability. Consider donations now to charity to reduce taxes now.
Estate Update your Will with an Estate Lawyer. Set up a Living or Intro Vivos Trust. Consider having your Lawyer as your Executor or having a corporate Executor.

Activity for 2017

Property Contributor Amount Comment
Starts from the sales of rental belongings(Catherine Non/Registered) Catherine $1,109,167 Lump savings on 31/12/2017
Total $1,109,167


Asset Owner Amount Comment
LIF (CATHERINE) CATHERINE $8,292 Deficit Coverage Redemptions
LIF (CATHERINE) CATHERINE $12,856 LIF Lowest Rescue($1,071/month)
RRIF / PRIF (CATHERINE) CATHERINE $3,806 Deficit Coverage Redemptions
($317 per month)
RRIF / PRIF (CATHERINE) CATHERINE $14,274 Lowest Rescue($1,190 per month)
Other vital businesses
Sell the rental possession #2 $200,000 that is concerning Catherine’s lifestyle come December 31 2017.
Activity for 2018
Asset Owner Amount Comment
Commences from sale rental possession
(CATHERINE/Non-Registration) CATHERINE $617,100 Lump Sum Savings on Dec 31 2018
Total $617,100

Asset Owner Amount Comment
LIF (CATHERINE) CATHERINE $13,173 LIF Minimum Redemption ($1,098/month)

Other transactions

Sell the rental possession #1 $100,000 in regard to your life style by 31/12/2018

Activity for 2019

Asset Owner Amount Comment
Proceeds from sale of rental belongings (CATHERINE/Non-Registered) CATHERINE $629,442 Lump Sum Savings on Dec 31 2019
Total $629,442
Asset Owner Amount Comment
LIF (CATHERINE) CATHERINE $13,526 LIF Smallest Redemption ($1,127/month)
RSP (CATHERINE/RRIF) CATHERINE $40,489 $40,489 RRIF Least Redemption ($3,374/month)

Other important transactions
Sell the rental possession #3 $140,000 that is by taking into consideration of your lifestyle come date 31/12/2019
Kindly take note that:
The Client hereby is fully aware that a Royal Mutual Funds Inc. (RMFI) legalized representative has prepared this Plan on taking into consideration of the details that the Client provide or that has been collected from a third party with their permission.

RMFI does not guarantee the accuracy or fullness of this information. While RMFI pounders the financial details provided in this Plan to be a like an image on behalf of prevailing status at the time it is generated, interest percentages, market price, special bonuses in terms of offers, tax rulings and other investment pillars are subject to numerous change.

The Client also approves that he/she has gone through the insight of what the details
has therein perfectly mirrors his/her financial condition.

The recommendations provided here are time-dependent and their validity is subject to changes to the Client’s personal or financial condition, changes in relevant legislation and changes in the cash sales.
The assumptions used here are not guaranteed to take place and other events not reflected in the assumptions may equally take place. Consequently, the actual results may differ significantly from the expected results.
The Client should seek advice from the RMFI financial planner before starting any aspect of this Plan to that ensure that action is taken on the newest available financial information and to ensure the Plan is still time sensitive. This report has been generated with the of a third party software which RMFI carries on monitoring to ascertain its quality, but RMFI cannot guarantee that it is fully free of mistakes. This Plan is not aimed at as a solicitation to buy specified investments.
RMFI shall not be answerable for any losses or damages that may arise from any mistakes or omissions in information provided in this plan or any action or decision made by the Client concerning any information or results. RMFI shall and will not not be answerable for the repercussions of its recommendations or any directions made.
This Plan is made to help the Client in analyzing their current financial condition and determine their ability to achieve future goals. The Client shall at all times be at free-will to follow or disregard, fully or halfway, any recommendations provided by RMFI and all the final decisions in regard to investment formulae, cash flow management, and/or any recommendation in the plan are the Client’s responsibility. Neither RMFI, nor its Representatives or Financial Planners are authorized to provide any tax or legal recommendation or to prepare any legal articles for the implementation of any aspect of this report. You should consult with your tax advisor, accountant and/or legal advisor before taking any step based upon the information detailed in this report.
RMFI representatives may receive compensation for the recommendation or sale of products or services of other RBC companies. Their remuneration comprises of salary, bonus, and other compensation in the form of referral charges for recommending or selling the goods and services offered by RBC companies, including and not limited to RBC Global Asset Management Inc., RMFI, RBC Private Counsel Inc., Royal Bank of Canada, Royal Trust Corporation of Canada, The Royal Trust Company, RBC Dominion Securities Inc., RBC Direct Investing Inc. This compensation either may be a constant amount or based on a rate of the value of such product or service.
Financial planning services and investment advice are given by RMFI. RMFI, RBC Global Asset
Management Inc., Royal Bank of Canada, Royal Trust Corporation of Canada and The Royal Trust
Company are separate corporate entities that are affiliated. RMFI is licensed as a financial services firm in the province of Quebec.

Date Plan ID
Prepared by:
Justin Clark PFP
Accepted by:

Appendix Synopsis
The report below is used to summarizes the data entered in your recommended plan


Birth Date Jan 1 1946
Proposed Retirement Date Jan 2011
Life Expectancy Dec 2041
CPP/QPP Benefits start on Jan 2011
OAS Benefits start on Feb 2011
Qualify for % of Max. CPP/QPP Benefits 76%
Qualify for % of OAS Benefits 100%
Earned Income (2016) $0
Unused RRSP Deduction Room $0
Pre-Retirement Income Tax Rates
Average Tax Rate 21.20%
Marginal Tax Rate 30.42%
Retirement Income Tax Rates
Average Tax Rate 21.20%
Marginal Tax Rate 30.42%
Year of Death Income Tax Rates
Average Tax Rate 49.96%
Marginal Tax Rate 54.30%
Income Tax Method Average Tax
Inflation Rate 2.50%
Marital Status – CATHERINE Widowed
Estate Assumptions
Is there a will? No
Where are the wills kept?

Professional Advisors
Type Name Business Phone # Cell Phone #
Financial Advisor Justin Clark PFP (519) 747-8999

Regular Income
Income source Member Applicable Amount Indexed
Rental Income CATHERINE Not-Applicable $54,120per year Inflation

Lump sum Incomes
Income source Member Applicable Amount Indexed
Accrued Income – Interest CATHERINE Aug 14 2017 $12,424 No
Accrued Income –
Dividends CSATHERINE Aug 14 2017 $4,546 No
Accrued Income – Cap
Gains CATHERINE Aug 14 2017 $10,237 No

Defined Benefit Pension Plans
Description Pension Annual Benefit $48,540
Plan Owner: CATHERINE Indexed by: 2.50%
Pct. payable to survivor: 0.00%

Regular Expenses
Lump sum Expenses
Expense Member Applicable Amount Indexed Fixed Expense
*Income already
represented in valuation
date market values CATHERINE Aug 14 2017 $27,207 No Yes

Lifestyle Assets
Asset Name Rental property #2 $200,000
Asset Type: Residence Sale date Dec 31 2017
Owner: Catherine Direct after tax proceeds to
Purchase Date: Dec 31 2016 Projected value as of sale dates
Purchase Amount: $200,000 Before tax $1,109,167
Market Value: $1,100,000 After tax $1,109,167
Valuation Date: Aug 14 2017
Growth Rate:1 2.00%
Standard Deviation: 0.00%

Asset Name Rental Property #1 $100,000

Asset name Rental Property #,$100,000
Asset type Current home Sale by 31/12/2018
Owner CATHERINE After tax it heads to Start from sale of rental properties
Bought on 31/12/2016 Given values of sales
Amount bought $100,000 Before taxation $617,100
Value in the market $600,000 After taxation $617,100
Date valued 14/08/2017
Growth rate 2.00%

Standard Deviation 0.00%

Asset Name RENTAL PROPERTIES #3 $140,000
Asset type Current Home Sale by 31/12/2019
Owner CATHERINE Upon taxation Starts from sale of rental premises
Bought on 31/12/2016 Estimated value on sale
Value in the market $140,000 Without taxation $629,442
Amount bought $600,000 Upon taxation $629,442
Date valued 14/08/2017
Growth percentage 2.00%
Standard deviation 0.00%

Asset Name Current Home
Asset type Residence Sale by Not available
Owner CATHERINE After tax, it heads Not available
Bought on 31/12/2016 Estimated value in the market
Amount bought $0 Before taxation Not available
Value in the market $850,000 After taxation Not available
Date valued 14/08/2017
Growth rate 2.00%
Standard deviation 0.0%

Portfolio Assets
Asset Name Date to sale Value in the market Cost for investment Int. in % Div in % Profit Def in growth % Standard
deviation Total in %
(CATHERINE/Non-Registered) 14/08/2017 $141,067 $141,067 2.37 0.44 1.62 1.42 7.33 5.85
1.9 Account
(CATHERINE/Non-Registered) premises 14/08/2017 $412,920 $412,920 2.37 0.44 1.62 1.42 7.33 5.85
Investment of
(CATHERINE/Non-Registered) 14/08/2017 $359,957 $0 2.37 0.44 1.62 1.42 7.33 5.85
Starts from the sale of
rental premises
(CATHERINE/Non-Reg.) 14/08/2017 $0 $0 2.37 0.44 1.62 1.42 7.33 5.85
Retirement Capital
(CATHERINE/Non-Reg.) 14/08/2017 $0 $0 2.37 0.44 1.62 1.42 7.33 5.85
RioCan REITs
($5,800 per year dividends)
(CATHERINE/Non-Reg.) 14/08/2017 $79,781 $0 2.37 0.44 1.62 1.42 7.33 5.85
TD shares ($6,400 per year
-Reg.) 14/08/2017 $96,018 $0 2.37 0.44 1.62 1.42 7.33 5.85
LIF (CATHERINE) 14/08/2017 $257,126 $0 2.37 0.44 1.62 1.42 7.33 5.85
RRIF / PRIF (CATHERINE) 14/08/2017 $285,485 $0 2.37 0.44 1.62 1.42 7.33 5.85
RSP (CATHERINE/RRSP) 14/08/2017 $744,913 $0 2.37 0.44 1.62 1.42 7.33 5.85
Retirement Fund
(CATHERINE/RRSP) 14/08/2017 $0 $10,453 2.37 0.44 1.62 1.42 7.33 5.85

Life Insurance Policies
Policy statement based annual basis
Policy 00-111-00011
Gross Annual $48,540
Gross Monthly $4,045
Deductions $0.00
Indexed 100% to CPI
Income tax
RSSP deducts income tax from your pension based on your TDI claim amount at the CRA tax formulae
Inflation Increase
Your PSPP pension is fully taken care of and increments in each year on date 1 January.

Liquidation Order upon Retirement.
Specifications Planned Type Owner