Research Report


Research Report

Sextion Check Points
Questionnaires Prepare a questionnaires for this research – at least 15 questions
Data Analysis Please analyse the data collected from the questionnaire and test the relationship by applying different statistical tests in SPSS.

(Data description

and analysis)

1.        How many of the sample participated?

2.        What are the characteristics of the samples?

3          What types of data analysis are undertaken?

4.        Is it appropriate?

5.        Are the findings significant?

6.        Are the findings linked back to the literature review?

7.        Are the hypotheses answered and the research objectives met?


Conclusions and


1.        Is the conclusion appropriately drawn?

2.        Are recommendations for improvement made?

3.        Are recommendations made for the users of your results? business organizations should respond to your findings.

4.        Is a recommendation for future research made?

Ethical 1.        What are ethical issues of your research if any, such as
Consideration confidentiality of data, use of findings of the study, protection

of respondents’ / participants’ identity? There may be issues

such as letter of consent, permission to interview, destroy of

questionnaires, etc.

Limitations 1.        Specify the limitations of your study.

2.        If you created your own scales, please address the

            limitation if no Exploratory Factor Analysis is       

            conducted. (You are not required to conduct this           

            analysis in this Module.) * A scale is a variable that is  

            measured by more than one question.

Presentation 1.        Is your proposal format presentable to the right readers?

2.        Is right word size consistently used?

3.        Is your margin setting appropriate?

4.        The results tables presented in your text should be designed by you.

5.        Samples of the key SPSS output should be provided as

            appendices, and annotated. Please be very selective; only

            provide the output that you actually used.

Word count 3500 words


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