s disease is considering… Show more NEED HELP FOR MY QUIZ

s disease is considering… Show more NEED HELP FOR MY QUIZ ASAP. THANKS 6- A patient whose mother has Huntington’s disease is considering genetic testing but is not sure whether she really wants to know if she has the mutation. She asks you what you would do if your mother had the disease. What is your best response? Select one: a. “I can only tell you the benefits and the risks of testing, you must make this decision yourself.” b. “Because there is no cure for this disease and testing would not be beneficial, I would not have the test.” c. “I would have the test so I could decide whether to have children or to use adoption.” d. “You need to check with your brothers and sisters to determine whether testing for this disease would be appropriate for you.” 7-Which variable in a person with coronary artery disease increases the likelihood of a strong genetic influence in its expression? Select one: a. The problem is severe before age 50 years. b. The disorder is not present in the person’s dizygotic twin. c. The affected person has eaten a vegetarian diet for the past 5 years. d. The disorder is present in about 5% of the person’s maternal older male family members. 8-For patients who have familial hypercholesterolemia, what should be the focus of teaching for blood cholesterol reduction? Select one: a. Eliminating animal fats from the diet b. Increasing the amount of fruit in the diet c. Taking the lipid-lowering drug as prescribed d. Exercising at least 4 to 5 hours every week 9-A patient with a fractured elbow in the emergency department states that he needs morphine for pain rather than codeine because the last time he had a painful injury, codeine was not effective in managing his pain. What is the nurse’s best response or action? Select one: a. Alert the health-care provider that this patient is “drug-seeking.” b. Ask the patient how much alcohol he ingests daily. c. Reassure the patient that he will receive progressively higher dosages of codeine until his pain is controlled. d. Communicate this information to the admitting physician. 10-Which type of body tissue has the highest risk for cancer development? Select one: a. Brain tissue because it does not respond well to injury b. Any tissue that retains the ability to divide c. Connective tissue that remains functional throughout life d. Bone tissue because its absorption of radiation is cumulative • Show less

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